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Just had a quick Mocha Blends on a Sunday to end the month of February. This was my 1st time in Mocha Blends and they are not just your regular coffee shop, in fact, they specialize in Espresso-based drinks, Mocha Frost, All-Day Filipino Breakfast, Gourmet Sandwiches.

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Coffee dates back to as early as 10th century in Ethiopia. According to a legend, coffee was originally named "mocha", after its discovery by an Arabian banished in the desert with his followers. In order to save his community to die from starvation, Omar and his friends boiled and ate the fruit from an unknown plant. Not only did the broth save the exiles, but their survival was taken as a religious sign by the residents of the nearest town, Mocha. The plant and its beverage were named Mocha to honor this event. The Port of Mocha is also believed to be where the first coffee beans were transported out of Ethiopia and brought into Europe.

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The name Mocha Blends is a tribute to the rich, colorful history that surrounds the common yet enigmatic pull of this bean and how it has influenced mankind throughout the ages.

Mocha Blended with Coffee XD
Strawberry Blened Coffee
Apat na Seasons
About Mocha Blends:

Mocha Blends was one of the pioneers in the Philippine Café Industry. Since 2001, several cafes have come into play but they were offering fast-food service unable to deliver the complete relaxed experience that goes with drinking coffee. Mocha Blends was then set with this mission. The first goal was to find the best quality coffee that would produce that perfect espresso shot. The second was to develop a café concept of wait-service and barista training. The third was sharing the passion and delivering the promise of a complete experience.

Stall#4 Asia Town IT Park Bldg., Lahug, Cebu City
Since 2001, Mocha Blends has achieved all three, making every Mocha Moment worth sharing. Its coffee shops served a dazzling selection of delicious espresso-based beverages within relaxed, semi-fine dining environment. Making the Philippines its home, Mocha Blends has setup a roasting facility in 2003 and made the Northern Highlands locals its partner by utilizing and marketing their coffee as Mocha’s choice beans for all its espresso-based coffee, Kape Maharlika.
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