I found this interesting NEW PROJECT by Y101 Radio, which features STREET FASHION in Cebu. If you spot one or if they spot you to be a Stylist in your own right, then they will see you to be deserving to be feature in this project in Y101 Radio Webpage.

Get spotted, Cebu! Get the opportunity to be featured on Y101FM.com, the country's #1 FM Radio Station Online, as our featured Y101 STYLISTA OF THE WEEK! Submit your best photos showcasing your unique street style (preferably full-body) to y101stylista@yahoo.com.

Don't forget to include particulars such as your name, what you do, details on your outfit, and a short description of it. Be handpicked as the week's most stylish, and stand to win awesome goodies from Y101 and our partners. Send as many entries as you can. Whether your style is edgy or feminine, this weekly spot is waiting for you. So go ahead, get crackin!

Who knows, you'll be spotted and be the Y101 STYLISTA OF THE DAY/WEEK
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