ROOTCON 5 will be hot, ROOTCON 5 will be happening on September 9-10 at Harolds Hotel, Cebu City, the event will run 2 days with wide variety of tracks, there will be vendor showroom, job fair, hacking contest and many more.

Get your Ninja gears ready, polish your tools and show off that Wi-Fu and Ninja skills to a bigger ROOTCON 5 event which will be held on September 9 and 10, 2011 at Harolds Hotel, Cebu City.

This city, flushed with foreign investors, business process outsourcing opportunities and other tech companies, ROOTCON 5 will be within reach to our infosec enthusiasts, white / black hats, programmers, network engineers, and other technology geeks from Luzon and Mindanao areas.

A religiously organized CON will run for 2 days with loads of topics, activities, choose your desire Wi-Fu trainings, Kung-Fu and Ninja Skills contests; not to mention, we also have WiFi Shootout, X-Rig 2011, Hacker Jeopardy, Raffle Draws, Job Fair and many more.

Registration for the early bird will start on June 1 and ends on July 29, 2011. Watch out for our great deals of hotel reservation, travel info and other tips. Let the CON treats begin!!!!


RootCON came from the two word root(super user on Unix systems) CON(conference), rootCON operation started 27-December-2008, registered as DEFCON Group 6332, and carried the name DEFCONPH the group hold up two small gathering called BeerTalk, after two consecutive gathering DEFCON was concerned with the copyright protection bringing more or less similar name, the group then decided to rename them to PinoyGreyHat, with the name we were able to hold one conference, after which the founder decided to rebrand to a more neutral and conference friendly, on 09-August-2010 the name was shifted to ROOTCON, with the same crew and team, ROOTCON is still the premier hacking conference in the Philippines.

The group is self sustained and will keep it the same way to avoid any product endorsement that might ruin the very essence of the conference, sales pitch talks are discouraged as well. The main objective of the group is to provide quality and fun form of hacking conference. rootCON is open to everyone, infosec personnels, developers, lawyers, students, feds, business mens and the like.

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