The New Sony Vaio C Series

The notebook market has exploded in recent years, as powerful technology becomes ever-more affordable, along with the resulting models. The latest wave of notebooks are more powerful, advanced, compact and mobile than ever, offering superb flexibility and options for remote working. Prices have also decreased a great deal, with new sub £300 models now being offered, as technologies become more established, the market becomes more competitive and prices of production are driven downwards.

Dell, IBM, Apple and Sony have long been key players in the market and their ranges have extended and refined greatly in the last couple of years, with competition for the mid-range notebook market become increasingly intense.

Sony continues to maintain its powerful market share and clout and with the recent launch of the Sony Vaio C, this looks set to continue.

There are a number of different options in the new series. Perceptive eyes will notice the difference of numerous funky optional colour finishes that the range offers and bright hard cased shells that protect the notebook well whilst offering a fresh and attractive finish.

Inside the notebook, the tech spec is smart. It offers an Intel Core 2 duo for processing, a 13 inch widescreen display and its appearance is somewhat reminiscent of an Apple Mac. The series can be configured online at the Sony Style shop, or a stock version configuration can be bought from various outlets, including the Sony Vaio C series White (resembling an Apple Mac quite closely) or the Sony Vaio C series Pink for the girls! It definitely is a nicely designed piece of kit that looks professional, yet pretty stylish.

Additionally the basic range of colours, the Sony Vaio C series Orange and Sony Vaio C series Green for example, can be further customised with finish patterns, including blue streaks, green storms, pink swirls and a smart monochrome expresso black for urbanites. There's also an option for engraving onto the case, which can also be configured online.

In terms of the processor, there's an option of the cost effective Intel Celeron, or the full range of available Core 2 duo's. Built in wireless networking is standard and it's Vista compatible. Additionally there's an option of hard drives available and CD or DVD burners. It's classified as a light and thin notebook, although it's still a little thicker than some of the narrowest notebooks, however it's fairly light thanks to the carbon fibre casing, which is also fairly robust and sturdy. The 120 gigabytes of hard drive is a good size and it processes quickly at 5400 rpm. The display is bright and offers variable brightness settings, although some find that the display is less good for vertical angle views. Colour resolution however is true and strong and it plays videos, games and films very well.

Price wise, it sits at the mid to top range of the notebook market, but offers a more powerful capacity and functionality punch than the more basic models currently available.

Note: This is a guest post by E.B. ;)
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