Hero Within: Mr. Lapu-Lapu 2011

Now, this may seem awkward blogging or talking about a male search for Mr. Lapu-Lapu 2011 (A search for a modern-day Hero), so I'll tell you a story first. For my NEW-er friends, this is something that they probably don't know about me, I admit, I was once part of a pageant. And by part, not as an organizer but as a 'contestant'.

2nd year college, 2nd sem - - 2008~Ambungan ug Maanyag na IE
This was during the semi-blogger days (I was not fully into blogging~[2006]); it was called..."AMBUNGAN ug MAANYAG na IE," during that time, the traditional Mr. and Ms. Industrial Engineering (IE) was just re-named into Visayan/Cebuano language. Ambungan means Gwapo or Handsome whilst Maanyag means Gwapa or Pretty/Beautiful & the like. During those days, my waistline was still in check and my hair STANDING tall? But because I was not necessarily a blogger during those times, I was not really keen yet on getting 'DOCUMENTATION' but my mom did keep some news-clippings (wherein I am too lazy to find) or if you don't believe me, you can ask some of my 'IE' College-Friends or any tiknoy conscious enough to remember.

Looking back, I can say it was an interesting experience and I cannot deny that through the pageant, I discovered things about myself and what I was capable of doing and I wouldn't be ME if I didn't went through that. Perhaps you can even credit my-camwhoring (photo-OP maniac), jump-start on speaking engagements, planting of the Overwhelming Confidence seed and perhaps even many more!

Now back to Mr. Lapu-Lapu, I was drawn to this because of the TAGLINE. I find it very interesting and after getting information about it I found out that it was really something NEW!

What's NEW?:

Mr. Lapu-Lapu : a search for a modern-day hero is not just an ordinary "PAGEANT" but is conceptually the most interesting one to date. The pageant is divided into two stages: the Physical Competition and the Beauty Competition. In the Physical competition, different challenges are staged to see the contestants’ physical and substantial abilities determining the makings of a modern-day hero.

This stage also incorporates history and showcases Lapu-Lapu City’s beauty through challenges which will test the physical and endurance, held in islands and barangays of Lapu-Lapu. From this round, twenty-five percent of the 30-50 contestants will be chosen to continue on to the semi-finals. The semi-finalists, who will take on the Beauty Competition, will have the chance to show their personality during the Pre-Pageant night in Lapu Lapu City Auditorium. The Pre-Pageant includes giving of special awards, question and answer and naming the top 16 candidates and then on to the Pageant night.

And what's more interesting, there is a POST program (see below).

A HERO PLAN (Project Proposal):

Contestants will present a Hero Plan of Action to show their passion for serving and representing Lapu-Lapu City.

Each candidate are tasked to propose a community project; a project that they see best suites their assigned barangay. In partnership with the Lapu Lapu Sangguniang Kabataan Federation, each candidate is involved in creating strategic plans with their respective SK chairman, if feasible and approved by the SK council their proposed project shall be implanted. Approval of the projects proposed by the candidates shall undergo feasibility and availability resource study.

In addition, all candidates shall assist their respective SK council in their existing projects and shall become the face and representative of the SK Council in gathering support from the residences of the barangays assigned to them. They shall be attending the planning stages of the projects, acting out as speakers in social gatherings and shall be the face of all tourism collaterals of their respective barangays.

Evidently, Mr. Lapu Lapu 2011 is not just a pageant showcasing the beauty of the human body, but most parts of it is focused on community service and becoming a role model to the youth as they inspire them to be the best citizens they can be.

During the Mr. Lapu Lapu Press Conference
About the Concept:

As many Filipinos know, Lapu-Lapu is considered to be the first hero of the Philippines, having defeated Ferdinand Magellan and his troupe of Spanish invaders in a battle by the beach in 1521. Over the years, Lapu-Lapu has been characterized with physical strength and a fierce love for his community and colony. As a nationally recognized figure, his story remains a staple in all Philippine history books while his shrine stands mighty on a plaza named after him in Mactan Island, Cebu.

To pay homage to their beloved hero, Lapu-Lapu City has launched the new Mr. Lapu-Lapu pageant with the aim of discovering a modern-day hero who will be the newest male image of the city. This is the first pageant in Lapu-Lapu City’s history which will showcase not only the contestants’ physical attributes but their good moral character and passion for service and action for the city as well.

About the Search for Mr. Lapu-Lapu:

The ultimate title of Mr. Lapu-Lapu will be given on April 16, 2011, at Hoops Dome in Mactan. Special Awards such as Mr. Friendship, Best in Hero Costume and Mr. Photogenic will be voted by the contestants themselves, while the awardees for Mr. Hero Personality, Mr. Physique and Mr. Popularity will be determined by the online voters via Facebook. The winner will win a crown equivalent = Sword, Shield, Amulet, putang (I'd say this is better than a crown XD).

Organized by The Style Firm – Fashion and Lifestyle Company, headed by Mr. Dexter Alazas, Mr. Lapu-Lapu 2011 will be hosted by Ms. Earth 2008, Karla Paula Henry and Eventologist Andrew Sarmiento, anchored by Ms. Cebu 2011 2nd Runner Up Vanessa Ahman with VIDA, RCTV’s newest fashion and lifestyle show, hosts Ms. Cebu 2007 Loise Angelique Tan, Ms. Cebu 2008 Sian Maynard and Ms. Cebu 2009 Kris Janson taking care of the question and answer portion of the pageant. While radio and tv personality Chassy Cortes of Y101 Cebu and RCTV Channel 36 will lend her voice for the entire pageant.

Special performers will include the Asian Troubadours, an  orchestral band that plays mainly classics, folk songs, and pop instrumentals arranged in an upbeat and lively beat. They have performed dozens of times in key venues of Cebu and has released 2 CDs, the latest the Timeless Visayan and Russian Classics of which has received numerous accolades. And the Wonggoys, an upcoming Cebu artist.

It’s about time for Lapu-Lapu to be known, pertaining both to the city, the fish and to the hero and a great FILIPINO.

Some questions asked to candidates in which I will ANSWER? XD

What's the Sexiest part of your body?
-My body is a wonderland, but if you insist on specifying, I will choose my shoulders; Teeth; and Eyes.
Shoulders-not because they are somewhat wide, but because they are an ever-ready shoulder to cry on..
Teeth-I use them to GRIND >_<; and even flash my rarely used KILLER SMILE (Or evil smirk!)
Eyes-It is not only a window to my soul but I can also melt those whom I stare/glare at. BWAHHAAHAH

'We need a hero that will not die for us, but instead live with us, not ceasing to make us better, after all, there is always a hero within, we just need to bring out that capacity...because a hero starts from himself, then to the community, and ripples to the world.'

“...there is always a hero within, we just need to bring out that capacity...because a hero starts from himself, then to the community, and ripples to the world.”

Tickets are sold at Php500.00, Php300.00, Php200.00, Php100.00 and Php50.00, proceeds will be for the benefit of Special Children of Lapu-Lapu. For ticket inquiries and reservations, please contact The Style Firm at 0921 520 9695. Also visit http://mrlapulapu.com/ for more information on the Candidates.
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  1. hi. i was scanning thru the mr. lapulapu sites & found your name in one of them. you sound defensive (not sure if it's the right term) in the first part of your article. are you not proud of being one of the candidates in a male beauty pageant? not everyone is gifted with that chance. hehe. anyway, i'm glad i found your site.

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