Blogging a Prayer

This is my 1st blog post that is in the form of a prayer. This holy week got me really reflecting and I am thankful for my experiences and also from God's given grace and courage that was given to me. Also this renewed faith in myself, of others and of the world!

Dear Lord,

Thank you or making me what I am, I am aware of your invisble hand and of your constant presence by watching over me. Thanks once again or the courage, the hope and blessing that you have bestowed upon me.

I offer this prayer to those who are in crisis wherever they maybe in the world today. Bless and guide us to become men for others and have the strength and determination to be more than what we are. Let us honor our priests or holy men and also the community that we belong to.

Let us be faithful to our prayer life, even if we are busy, tired or not in the mood. Let us be mindful of truth in everything in life; Health, Wealth and Influence are passing, but you alone are the same, yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Give us the gift of Calmness of disposition in the midst of conflict, crisis and pressures in life. Let our thoughts, words, and actions be gracious & graceful in moments of persecution.

May you deliver us, and heal us even if we undergo sufferings and difficulties as this is your will. Let us realize that interruptions, difficulties and disturbance  maybe moments of grace, opportunity and breakthrough for greatness.

Teach us to simplify our lives, know our needs from wants, and teach us as well, the art of letting go so in the end, we can truly be free and happy! Amidst other's unworthiness and of my own, may we believe in the power of forgiveness.

Bless all mothers to be like Mary, may all be bringers of life and grace to the world. Let our hearts be free in loving, giving and forgiving. Let us also do good without looking at who or what they are. Empower us to move on with renewed faith with hope and confidence that you have succeeded in life, also in death and after.

Make our visions be wider, so we can view everything as relative and tentative that we can enjoy with gratitude the beauty of this world and of your creations. And let us always be, your instruments of love, wherever, whenever and whatever..

Make us generous, to be servants for others, giving and not counting the cost, fighting whilst not healing the wounds; toiling without seeking rest and to labor and not asking for reward for all this is for your most holy will.

Have Thine own way Lord. Have Thine own way. Thou art the potter, I am the clay. Mold me and make me after Thy will, while I am waiting yielded and still....

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