D'Jungle Mongolian Grill & BBQ, Bantayan, Cebu

For our dinner in Bantayan Island, we went obviously to the place which created the most BUZZ and it happened to be D'Jungle Mongolian Grill & BBQ. D'Jungle is quite known and recommended by most foreigners and of course locals of cebu who frequent the Island of Bantayan. Unfortunately, the famous Buffet of D'Jungle was not available, maybe next time.

Meat and Veggies
Grill Area
Located in the town of Santa Fe, Bantayan Island, Cebu; D’Jungle is part of a string of restaurants in the center of town. And the restaurant is just 5 minutes walk from the near beach resorts which makes it awesome! Something hardly noticeable during the day, the streets came alive at night.

My mind was practically roaming around due to extreme hunger..that's what you get for relying on too much fast food
Everyone who checks out the restaurant is being greeted by Robert (the european owner--he has a mixed heritage) with his most friendly “Hello”. We enjoyed how he entertained all his guests and interact with them (Thumbs Up very hands-on man!). The restaurant had different seafood dishes as well as grilled one. Their grilled liempo (or was it spare ribs?) was also good but the SEAFOOD were all awesome (Perhaps it was the too much starvation).

mmm rice
Once again, the same general comment for their services as what I mentioned on my previous post about a Marlin Beach Resort, the pace of the place is slow, maybe it's an environmental or the island culture. And it was a good dinner to end the GK Bayani Challenge Experience, being full and diving into slumber land. The price for City Dwellers are very affordable within the range of Php150-200.00.

grilled squid...hey it's not yet holy week and it's still lent :)
Awesome Grilled Fish
About D'Jungle:

D'Jungle opened in April 2007 by Robert from The White Sand's, D'Jungle Mongolian Grill & BBQ features an open pit circular grill where you can watch your dishes prepared right before your eyes: Fresh Seafoods (shrimps/Visayan Oysters/scallops/crab/BBQ local fish) 6hr. slow cooked Spare Ribs, Roasted Pork Tenderloin, Italian Meatballs, Curry & Chili Dishes, Tropical Fruit Salads & Pasteries and local Pinoy Favorites (Crispy Pata, Pata Tim, Bicol Express)

Definitely another reason to re-visit Bantayan Island, Cebu and in my opinion is very beautiful and perhaps even better than Boracay (But I still have to check out Bohol XD).
D'Jungle Mongolian Grill & BBQ, Bantayan, Cebu D'Jungle Mongolian Grill & BBQ, Bantayan, Cebu Reviewed by Vernon Joseph Go on Tuesday, April 12, 2011 Rating: 5