Joined the Project NOWtbuks

I was invited and volunteered to join the Project NOWtbuks (NOW is the Time to Build Up Kids for Sustainability) of my college Alma mater CIT-University Industrial Engineering Department and IE Council. Project NOWtbuks happened last May 21, 2011 at Sitio Bonbonan and Sitio Callejon on how to turn scratch papers into notebooks.

Barangay Labangon Gymnasium
Notebooks and bookmarks
Games Games Games

Before the 1st leg of the series of events, I went ahead to donate some scratch/used paper and cartons for them to use as raw material. The objective of the Project is to tap the creativity and resourcefulness of the youth by transforming recyclable papers into usable notebooks thus helping them save money for their school materials.

Mga (DMD-Crazy) Industrial Engineers bow!
Happy Happy, Joy Joy!
It was good to once again, render some of my resources and time for the success of this activity; also to be back with the company of IE Faculty and students as well. Kudos to the Project NOWtbuks and IE Department and IE Council!

Kumbati IE! XD

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  1. what a good samaritan :)

  2. noooo not really hahaha Just doing my share in getting rid off some stuff to a useful cause while helping students and beneficiaries, it was a win-win scenario XD