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Sinulog 2011 Festival in Cebu
The month of May is the National Heritage Month as declared in 2003 by then Former President Hon. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo Proclamation Number 439 declaring the month of May of every year as the National Heritage Month. So why should our government promote and protect Cultural Heritage? Don't we have already too much problems on various areas such as education, health, poverty? Why bother with Culture?

Going back to the Proclamation mandated, it states I think on the 1st part that "..there is a need to create in the people a consciousness, respect and love for the legacies of Filipino cultural history and to raise material support for the protection of tangible and intangible heritage." Additionally "..there is a need to strengthen people's awareness of cultural heritage sites, structures and landscapes, and encourage their participation in the preservation of these cultural legacies through various activities...".

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Cultural Tourism is often cited as an example of how we can promote and at the same time preserve and perhaps even maintain our cultural legacies. Cultural Tourism can be a form of development strategy for our government or the like NGO.

Cultural Heritage may not be limited to structures, and practices, it can be stories both old and new. This can bind us together, a common ground to start off and be all that we can be! Do you ever wonder how the other 160+ languages in existent in our very own country sound like? Do you ever dream of stepping foot in each 7,100+ islands within our country? Have you ever thought of experiencing the rich cultures and practices available in our homeland? Wanna ride a VINTA, eat LECHON, tried traditional fishing and farming? All you need is to just Wonder and let your imagination run wild, we can get tons of ideas for this!

IMO, our culture is our foundation, it is something that we can be proud of, it puts a base direction in our life. Is there an essence in having a successful and fulfilled but selfish life? If you want to be successful for a day, create a name. Be different. If you want to be successful for a year, build a brand. Create excellence consistently. If you want to be successful in the next 20 years, preserve a reputation. Be trusted. If you want to be successful for a lifetime, Build a Better Nation! Attain success not just for yourself but for your neighbours, your community, your country and for the generations to come!

Be the best that you can be, with the Philippines Beside you!

Cultural Programs and initiatives which I find AWESOME!

The award-winning Gabii sa Kabilin, which is held annually, will take place on May 27, 2011, from 6 p.m. to midnight. For more information or ticket inquiries, please contact any of the 10 participating museums or call Casa Gorordo Museum at (63 32) 418-7234 loc. 703 and look for May Sanchez. Or you can check out my posts last years about Gabii sa Kabilin and it's FAQ.

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