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Think Pampanga cooking combined with Cebu’s specialties, then you'll think of Cabalen Cebu! Being a known Restaurant in Luzon, the Cebu branch cater to Balikbayans, visiting Local Luzon tourists who will look for the Local tastes and delicacies of Cebu while Cebuanos are eager to taste the Kapangpangan way of cooking, which makes or an interesting market!

Here’s some awesome news: The Cabalen Cebuffet (Cebu Buffet) spread, with over 50 dishes to choose from, goes for an all-inclusive price of only Php298.00 (including the freshly roasted Cebu lechon).

Food Choices:

Through the years, Cabalen’s staggering mouthwatering buffet continues to regale assorted diners with its time-cherished, all-time favorites like kalderetang baka, dinuguan, tokwa’t baboy, bopis, sisig, lechong paksiw, embutido, morcon, relyenong bangus, bistig tyan ng bangus, crispy crablets, crispy kangkong, beringhe (Pampanga’s paella), steamed vegetables with burong hipon.

Buffet Area
For sweets, they have the Kapampangan favorites tibok-tibok (Kapampangan pudding made with carabao’s milk), tibok mais, bico, leche flan, palitaw, sampelot (warm fruit and root crop stew or ginatan), and make-your-own halo-halo are the sweetest temptations on earth.

Some other choices include Cebu’s famous tasty, slow-roasted lechon, Cebu chicharon, Cebu longganisa, utan Visaya (Visayan vegetable with chicken soup), paksiw na molmol (boiled vinegar-pickled parrot fish), kinilaw na molmol (pickled raw fish and vegetable in vinegar), tinolang isda, humba (braised pork belly) Visaya, escabecheng tanigue, fish binacol (fish in young coconut soup), just to name a few.

The choices I made: Humba, Biko, Sweetened banana Lechon Kawali and Lechon manok
Self Made Halo2: Idunno why I made it like this XD
About Cabalen:

Cabalen, which literally translates to a fellow Capampangan, is a group of casual - fine dining restaurants known for authentic Capampangan dishes and different Filipino specialties, originating from Pampanga. This province is known to food connoisseurs as the seat of sumptuous food and delicacies while the Capampangans are widely known as people with good taste and innate cooking talent. These factors contributed to the eventual birth of Cabalen, the Capampangan specialty restaurants.

Cabalen family started in 1974 in San Fernando, Pampanga as a small Bahay Pasalubong Restaurant selling specialty food dishes, then grew into a restaurant called “Ituro Mo, Iluto Ko”. In 1986, the first Cabalen Eat-all-you-Can, Eat-all-you-Want Restaurant was opened in West Avenue, Quezon City that ushered the expansion .to more outlets. Gradually it became the most popular buffet restaurant in the Philippines.

Cabalen SM City Cebu is located on the ground level, north wing, SM City Cebu. It has a main dining area good for 110 persons and a 45-seat function room as well.
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