Tsiboom Native Restaurant

Tsiboom Native Restaurant is located at Mandaue City, Parkmall, 168 Ouano Avenue, Mandaue Reclamation Road. It was my first time exploring TsiBoom Native Restaurant and I have my thanks to my IE-Blogger Buddy who shall not be named? whahaha Anyway, it had a very inviting green & brown color interiors which was somewhat classy for a native restaurant.

I think this ones an Utan Bisaya Soup @ Php88.00 -__-
Chicken Pandan @ Php110.00
I could not help but compare TSIBOOM to other Filipino/Native Restaurants like Golden Cowrie or Pino Filipino Restaurant, Cabalen, Cafe Laguna and others. Price-wise, TsiBoom Native Restaurant is at a similar price range as Golden Cowrie but when it comes to food quality, I still have to get a hold of their other dishes to be conclusive!

Baby Back Ribs~well not too native but tastes good for Php205.00
Unfortunately, for me the resto has nothing special really but to food tastes great but who knows, Until the Next TSIBOOM! visit~!
Tsiboom Native Restaurant Tsiboom Native Restaurant Reviewed by Vernon Joseph Go on Tuesday, July 19, 2011 Rating: 5


  1. their Crispy Pata will take you to greater gastronomic heights! until the next Tsiboom visit... hehehe... nosebleed ko sa first day sa CIE review...

  2. Till the next visit jud...dipakeu ko impressed LOL :P...hahaha Good Luck sa Review, my time will come lang guru? and GOGOGO natas IE blog Community!! so many opps ebriwer!