Gardeopatra Quijano (Cebuano Hero)

Gardeopatra Quijano was the Daughter of the writer and Aglipayan bishop, Juan Quijano, Gardeopatra was born in Alcantara in 1918. Quijano became a college teacher and a dentist as her profession. Her stories Maayong Ngalan (1937) and Ang Asawa nga Dala sa Akong Uyoan (1941) won Bisaya prizes.

Some of Gardeopatra’s works appeared under her two pen names Flora Burgos and Gerardo Largavista. A vocal advocate of women’s rights, especially suffrage, she has been referred to as a nascent feminist. Many of her works reflected her political views.

Her novel Lourdes, which was serialized in the most popular pre-war newspaper Bag-ong Kusog from August to September 1939, is considered the first feminist Cebuano novel.

Sources:  got it from a recent "Mga Bayani sa Sugbu" Exhibit from the CASA GORORDO MUSEUM, CEBU.
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