Pedro and Benigna Cui (Cebuano Hero)

The Pedro and Benigna Cui siblings were born in Cebu in the mid-1800s. Their Cui family, regarded as one of the wealthiest in Cebu at that time, owned tobacco plantations in various parts of the province. While a successful businessman, Pedro also pursued a profession in law; his sister Benigna Cui stayed and managed the Cui Family household as well as the Businesses.

Later on, Pedro Cui was outraged over a client who claimed innocence during his trial, but later admitted his guilt after his exoneration, Pedro gave up his profession and exiled himself in his family’s hacienda in Barili. His sister, Benigna, managed the Cui household and was an active businesswoman herself.

Pedro and Benigna Cui was known for their works in philanthropy, it is this that the siblings became distinguished. They regularly gave alms to the poor. They observed that most of the destitute were old people abandoned by their own families.

In 1925, they founded Hospicio de San Jose de Barili, a home for the impoverished, invalid, and abandoned elderly. It is the first charitable institution funded by private endowment in the Philippines.

Sources:  got it from a recent "Mga Bayani sa Sugbu" Exhibit from the CASA GORORDO MUSEUM, CEBU. Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...
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