MISS CEBU 2012 search is on!

The Miss Cebu 2012 Search is on! The Pageant for Miss Cebu 2012 will once again commence on the third quarter of this year. So, to all qualified and interested ladies, we're looking forward to seeing you this year! The MISS CEBU 2012 Pageant will be on January 11, 2012, Wednesday, 7pm at Grand Ballroom, Waterfront Cebu City Hotel & Casino. You can buy MISS CEBU tickets at Cebu City Tourism Office, 2nd Flr., Rizal Memorial Library & Museum Bldg., Osmena Blvd., Cebu City. There will be Ms Cebu booths in Ayala Center Cebu & SM CIty Cebu from December 18 - January 8, 2012.

The 2012 Miss Cebu Entry forms for this contest are available at Cebu City Tourism Office, 2nd Flr., Rizal Memorial Library & Museum, Osmena Blvd., Cebu City

Miss Cebu 2012 REQUIREMENTS:
• Must have a pleasing personality and a minimum height of 5’3”;
• Must have a Good Moral character;
• Must be at least a graduating High School student and has the ability to speak conversational English;
• Must be a resident of Cebu for not less than one year;
• Must be at least 18 years of age by 1 October 2011 and has not attained 25 years of age by 1 December 2011;
• Must be a holder of a valid Identification Card or Passport;
• Must not be bound by any contract which will prevent her from entering the contract with the Organizer;
• Must not be an employee of the Cebu City Government, other City Gov’t Offices and Departments.
• The Applicant/Contestant must be a person
  - Who has never been through any ceremony either valid or invalid, whether civil, religious, customary or tribal which is recognized as a marriage ceremony in any part of the world;
  - Who has never been pregnant;
• Must be willing to travel and to reign for a full term of one year;
• Must be a Filipino citizen and/or Dual citizen as the case may be;
• Must not be a participant/ applicant of a beauty search during the duration of the pageant;
• Provided always CCTC may in its absolute discretion wave or relax one or more of the above requirements after taking into consideration the Contestant’s circumstances and background.

ENTRY PROCEDURE for Miss Cebu 2012:
• The applicant/contestant must complete and sign the section of the form entitled “Application Form”.
• When the Application Form has been completed and signed in the aforesaid manner, the applicant/contestant must return them to CCTC/ CCTF INC, together with the following:
  - A photocopy of her Identification Card or Passport;
  - Two recent postcard size photographs, one showing her in half length and the other in full length;
  - A Photocopy of the Authenticated Birth Certificate.
• The Applicant/Contestant must submit the above or mail the above to CCTC with the following description and address on the envelope:
  CINBETH E. ORELLANO, Officer-In-Charge/Executive Director, CEBU CITY
• The applicant/contestant must immediately produce the original of the documents as well as the documents referred to in paragraph (B) above for the inspection of CCTC when so requested.

The Screening of the Applicants/Contestants for Ms. Cebu 2012 will be by the CCTC, in a time and place designated by the same including its rules and regulations.

About Ms. Cebu:
The pageant shows the traditional and contemporary lifestyle of Cebu as well as the unique values of Cebuana with the aim of making her as Cebu's representative and spokesperson. This is also done to showcase the unique and varied features of Cebu as a fiesta island and the pageant also show the intrinsic creativity of the designers and talents in CEBU!

What are you waiting for? Join now for those interested or encourage qualified friends for the Search for Miss Cebu 2012!
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  1. Hello, i would like to watch the ms.cebu this coming wed night where i can buy the ticket? i suppose it is online selling like the sinulog ticket but i can't find it in google.
    Pls help.


    Mars of talisay