Overwhelming KFC Tower Burger

So, finally I got to try the KFC TOWER BURGER. HAHAHA :)) I finally got the chance to taste you, after a whole week of resisting it..but it all came down to this. Staring the burger, salivating , and then ruined my supposed short lived diet :D. What is a Tower Burger? It’s a burger with bun, mayo, lettuce, hash brown, cheese, and chicken.

First came the KFC Double Down (in which I liked). Who knew that while we were munching on KFC Double downs, KFC was cooking up something new, something out of this world, and something really BIG, KFC's Tower Burger!!!

I'm not really a fan of hash browns, but it kinda went all together as a whole. All I can say is, it is more than what I had expected. The mayo is yummy, and the hash brown and cheese is complemented well by the original recipe chicken patty, giving it that perfect saltiness and crispiness. It is definitely one great sandwich, I have to admit that it took quite some time for me to finish it (30-45min.?), savoring every bite.

It’s also jaw dropping (or breaking). Literally, your jaw will drop to be able to take a full bite on this burger. With the hash brown on top of the cheese, and on top of the chicken, it surely towers your mouth. Unless of course, your mouth is that HUGE.

If I wanted a burger at KFC, I'll still stick with the awesome spicy Zinger unless they still have those double downs. But it was still good nonetheless, not for daily eating though..

Have you guys tried the KFC Tower Burger? How was your experience?
Overwhelming KFC Tower Burger Overwhelming KFC Tower Burger Reviewed by Vernon Joseph Go on Tuesday, September 13, 2011 Rating: 5


  1. I prefer the double down, but I don't think they sell those anymore. The tower burger is just too much, and I'm a big guy, I eat a lot. 

    But why get a burger at KFC? You get tastier ones at Flame It.

    When I'm at KFC, it's always been one order. 2 pcs chicken, a mix of spicy (big part) and the original recipe (small part) and a large Coke. XD

  2. you have a point, one goes to KFC for a chicken meal after all HAHAHAHa

  3. But the Tower Burger is much better than the Jollibee hash brown burger. For me.