Luis Flores y Perez (Cebuano Hero)

Luis Flores y Perez is a native of Samar; Flores came to Cebu in 1891 as a steward of Bishop Martin Garcia Alcocer. With Alcocer’s patronage, he served as procurador (attorney) of the Cebu audiencia as well as regidor (alderman) of the Cebu ayuntamiento.

Luis Flores was involved with the Katipunan as early as 1896 or 1897. He became one of the earliest Cebuanos to enter the Katipunan and later on, became one of the leaders in leading the 1898 Revolution in Cebu. During the revolution, he became known as Unos or “storm” in Cebuano. He was among the pioneer members of the Katipunan in Cebu. Together with him were Francisco Llamas, Nicoles Godines, Eugenio Gines, Mariano Hernandez, Nicomedes Machahon, and Florencio Gonzales to name a few.

Because of his experience in administrative work and bureaucracy, he was named president of the provisional revolutionary government that was formed in San Nicolas on April 3, 1898.

When the Spaniards left, he was elected president of the province and worked to organize municipal governments under the terms of the new republic. To encourage cooperation, he formed a “coalition” of officers, combining the moderate ilustrados of the city and the military elements of the revolution. His government was marred by in-fighting due to the arrival of the Americans.

It was on December 24, 1898, that the Spaniards left Cebu. On December 30, 1898, in accordance to Aguinaldo’s decree asking for the reorganization of provinces, the election of officials for Provincial Council of Cebu was held. Luis Flores was elected for president, Julio Llorente for vice-president, Arcadio Maxilom for Councilor on Police Matters, Pablo Mejia for Councilor on Fiscal Matters, Miguel Logarta for Councilor on Justice, and Leoncio Alburo as secretary of the Provincial Council.

The choice was between saving Cebu by surrendering it to the Americans or wreaking destruction on the city by resisting the foreigners. Those who opted to surrender were considered as collaborators and those who opted to fight led a resistance that lasted until 1901. This was the division that clearly demarcated the Cebuano leaders at that time. From the former group belonged Luis Flores and Julio Llorente, while from the second group belonged Juan Climaco and Arcadio Maxilom.

In February 1899, it was Flores who signed the document surrendering Cebu to the Americans. Although he had fought valiantly against the Spaniards in the preceding war, he realized the point posited by the moderates regarding their inability to defend the city against any bombardment. He states:

Sad and painful is the position of this undefended city which is forced to act contrary to its convictions, on which account it declares in the face of the entire world that this occupation is based on no law of the many forming the code of all civilized countries, who did not expect such a scene at the close of the century called the Enlightened. One talks of conquests, of protectorates, of cession by the Spaniards, as if the Archipelago and especially our souls were merchandise to be bartered, when a single on of them is worth more than a thousand worlds though they were made of that metal called vile, perhaps because it fascinates like the eyes of a serpent.

Shortly after deciding to surrender the city to the Americans to avoid its destruction, Luis Flores called a meeting to elect a new set of officials. He resigned and was replaced by Julio Llorente.

Sources: Some of it HERE and other got it from a recent "Mga Bayani sa Sugbu" Exhibit from the CASA GORORDO MUSEUM, CEBU. Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...
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