Avatar: Legend of Korra (The Last Airbender)

This [Avatar: Legend of Korra (The Last Airbender)]was released around late July of this year and I think I'm gonna go crazy for the wait! (Insert Girly-Geekish Scream HERE!) Korra takes place some 70-odd years after the conclusion of the Aang gang's adventures in overthrowing Fire Lord Ozai, as Korra (The new Avatar), a hot-headed rebel from the Southern Water Tribe works with Aang and Katara's son Tenzin to master the art of Airbending against a city-wide anti-bending revolt.

About Avatar The Legend of Korra:
Officially titled The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra the new series is set 70 years after events that occurred with Aang and crew in Avatar The Last Airbender. Korra who is referred to as a “rebellious” young 17 year old is the current Avatar who at the start of the series has already mastered Waterbending, Firebending, and Earthbending. (Can't wait for the battles with the Metalbending police [trained by toph])

She is apparently going to learn Airbending from Tenzin who is Aang and Katara’s Son and the father of a young family. The conflict in the series surrounds the mysterious Equalist Leader known as Amon who leads an “Anti-Bending” Movement, the events seem to permeate around a relatively modern city known as Republic City.

Avatar The Legend of Korra FAQ
  • When Will Avatar The Legend of Korra Air? – No Concrete Air Date has yet been given, last confirmed Air Date was Fall 2012 with unconfirmed rumors of a 2013 release date (TOO LONG! WAA)
  • Will Aang and other Characters be in the Show? – The series is set 70 years in the future so all of the old characters will have passed on, however the results of their life work and other similar occurrences will definitely be seen.
  • Will the Cabbage Merchant be in The Legend of Korra? – A very important question :) , the creators have said his “legacy” will be in the series in some way.
  • Are Sky Bison (Appa) and Flying Lemurs (Momo) Going to be in the show? – Yes, Aang found a “lost herd” of Sky Bison and was able to help keep the species alive, Flying Lemurs will also be present.
  • How many Korra Episodes will there be? – Korra has 26 planned episodes.
Avatar The Legend Of Korra Cast & Crew
Many of the original Cast and Crew of Avatar The Last Airbender are back in full force to make The Legend of Korra Amazing!
  • Michael Dante DiMartino, and Bryan Konietzko – Authors and Creators
  • The Track Team (Jeremy Zuckerman, Benjamin Wynn) – Composers
  • Janet Varney – As Korra
  • JK Simmons – As Tenzin
  • Dante Basco – Unknown Character
  • Rob Paulsen (Pinky from Pinky and the Brain) – Unknown Character

I CAN'T WAIT!! (insert another girly-geeky scream here!)
Source: Nickelodeon
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  1. wow.. so another part of the series... never heard of it but I wish I can watch it...

  2. we have to wait for next year I guess