interesting Jollibee Grilled Pork Tenders

The country’s no. 1 fast food chain has finally come up with there pork food choice, the new Jollibee Grilled Pork Tenders. Marinated in special barbecue sauce and grilled to perfection (allegedly), the new Jollibee Grilled Pork Tenders are consistently tender and juicy pork slices with just the right blend of sweetness and peppery taste. Meat lovers can enjoy this new and delicious dish with plain rice and toyomansi dip for only Php65.00, or add a regular-sized softdrink, for just Php81.00.

The new Jollibee Grilled Pork Tenders will keep exciting the taste buds with its consistently distinct flavor and tender meat. Treat yourself to this special filling and great-tasting meal during lunchtime, after a long day’s work, or during those times when you simply have to satisfy your grilled pork cravings. With the new Jollibee Grilled Pork Tenders, there are no more taking chances because you’re sure to enjoy the same tender meat and delicious taste, just as it remains easy on the pocket.

SO here's my take on its taste: In a way, it was weird that it tasted like tocino; yes it's awesomely tender and soft which I like but it's simply not grilled. Having worked as a service crew before in the mentioned institution, it would really cost much to add additional equipment like a grill. I guess there is still room for improvement but really they already own a big part of Mang Inasal, so you can go there for real grilled stuff if you like.

New Jollibee Grilled Pork Tenders is now available in select Jollibee branches nationwide for dine-in, drive-thru, take-out and delivery. Call Jollibee Express Delivery Service hotline at 8-7000 or log on to

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