me @ 5th GK Builders Camp Cebu (Gawad Kalinga)

These are part of my goals for the year and I finally did it and then some additional perks as well! I took this opportunity to once again, have my own soul searching for myself to negate, do-away and find a change of pace against negative feelings, frustrations and nonsense in my brain and my life. This I gained thru me @ 5th GK Builders Camp Cebu (Gawad Kalinga).

I've heard of GK about some time but it was through the GK Bayani Challenge 2011 that I truly saw what it was all about.

GK Sugbu Community in Minglanilla

This GK Builder’s Camp at GK MINGLANILLA, Sugbo Community, happened last October 21-23, 2011. True to their mission of leaving no one behind, active GK members reached out to the youth in showing them a different side of community development. The GK Cebu Builders Camp “aims to nurture love of country and present a vision of hope” and at the same time, empower and inspire GK volunteers to the work of building homes for the poor.

Team Work! --Work Smart, Not Hard!
In this way, the pent-up energies wandering inside of me can was re-channeled to make positive, meaningful and significant changes for my immediate community and of those around me (especially for the 1st time ambushed volunteers--shout out to my cousin donna and sister hannah wahahahah!).

Pasa-pasa sa hollow block, for IEs ~it's a straight line conveyor with the kid as line supervisor

I was happy for a little of my time and presence that I shared, it was enough to create so much happiness for other people and the good and surprising thing about it; they gave it back :D. This was a good time for me to do this since I was pre-occupied with all my worldly longings that I forget the deepest desires of my heart.

Rest to Overcome Fatigue/Break/Picture2
About Gawad Kalinga:
Gawad Kalinga is building empowered communities by people with faith and patriotism; driven by a culture of caring and sharing, dedicated to eradicate poverty and restore human dignity. Also, Gawad Kalinga is not limited to building community infrastructure; they also have programs for the environment, health, education, and community empowerment (visit for more info.).


Lessons Learned from the GK Builders Camp:
  • It has molded me once again to the new me of today...
  • Shifted my worldly type of leadership into becoming a servant leader ...
  • To always play hard, play to win but without leaving anyone behind...
  • To think creatively and look through problems with a new lens from the grassroots level...
  • Instead of pointing fingers, we must try fixing the blame, we should really just focus on fixing the problem. DO our part!
  • It further challenge me to balance work and social activities
  • I truly learned what it means to have HOPE, HONOR, and HEROISM!
  • I must admit, I forgot how to have fun and be Crazy..I guess it has been such a long time..I remembered and reminded how to have FUN!
 "Man can live about forty days without food, about three days without water, about eight minutes without air, but only for one second without hope."

Tenkyu to for inviting me to the camp :P -Photo Credits pud ni cya
Flying Tubo
Bola2 and Strings
DMD na Land Mind oie!
Bali2 sa lawas
Salo-salo with GKapitbahayans
Late Night Acoustic Concert :P

Our dreams give us strength to perform impossible tasks. The activities, did not necessarily challenge us intellectually but focuses on one's AQ (Adversity Quotient) or will power or even you may call it Fighting Spirit!

I do these things out of love and not out of obligation. I want to help because I am happy to share and doing it and not because I am expected to do it.

Day Break - A new Day has come!(Another chapter beginning in my life)
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