Forward Awareness celebrations 2011

I was invited to speak during the Forward Awareness 2011 @ USJR, Cebu to talk about blogging basics to a curious crowd of students. FYI, the FORWARD PUBLICATION is the Official Publication of the University of San Jose - Recoletos (USJR). Forward Celebrate this sort of event to give thanks to the readers, who are the students of the school and at the same time to give awareness of their role in advocating the truth and also student concerns and issues in school.

I was honored and surprised to get an invitation from a student press since I didn't know they were this proactive in terms of keeping up with technology (well, I'm basing this from experience since I was once a part of a student press as well :D).

The crowd I encountered was a mix of courses from mass communications to marketing communications, developmental communications, Marketing Management, Business Administration, Tourism/Hospitality Management, Accountancy and of course some engineering students as well!

I explained again to the audience that there is a vast need or demand for local-user-generated content (For the Philippines); most students, when doing research immediately run to google to search for content and basis for their assignments, research and the like for their school works. But often times, we are hit by a brick wall that says "No search results found," especially for local or Philippine related topics such as languages, culture, geography and history to name a few. This can be a good venue to promote the country in terms of tourism and the like!

Blogging forward
I basically talked about the basics and potential uses of blogging, for advocacy, career, making money online, marketing and the like. Also by far, this was the most interactive crowd yet, as far as I counted I got around 10-15 questions during the Q&A portion. WOW!

Happy Blogging!

Photo Credit: Forward Publications 2010-2011
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