Why do I Choose Tattoo?

Last October, Globe Telecom had launched the I CHOOSE TATTOO campaign for Globe Tattoo. The Globe Tattoo campaign will get you a chance to win 20k weekly plus & see yourself in one of their digital billboards, like the one above along EDSA featuring various brand ambassador, that includes me! Hahahaha! And I also got MY Globe Tattoo Stick recently which I find soooo convenient whenever I do on-the-move-work where there is no wifi anywhere, and awesome with it's flexible plan options!

Haggard, pero GO lang ng Go! :D
I specifically posted this late because some of my friends who knew about this and saw it kept teasing me about it and it was kind of good at first and eventually became annoying.."Di na daw ko ma-reach!" #Minatay. SO Imagine of the more people knew, I'd probably switch to recluse mode. But hey, the bright side is, I got a story to tell to my grand children or something...And oohhhh First Feature for Geoh Media!

Oh here's the link for the Digital Rotating Ad -- http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10150362762517941 (Courtesy of Globe)

Tattoo offers the best-value Surf-All-You-Want offer with SuperSurf!

There are two ways to avail of SuperSurf:
  • Text SUPERSURF50 to 8888 and get Surf-All-You-Want for 1 day.
  • Text SUPERSURF220 to 8888 and get Surf-All-You-Want for 5 days.
And you can SuperSurf anytime, anywhere. It's that easy! Now, you can customize your Home Broadband Plan according to your lifestyle. YEY!

You may check out this link for the FAQs and more details about the Tattoo offerings>> http://tattoo.globe.com.ph/promo/supersurf#faqs

Another thing I found out is Tattoo’s Broadband Customizable Plans—the first in the country—you can enjoy not just the WiMax Plan of your choice but also all the Add-ons you need!

For those who keep on complaining with the ICT Infrastructure in the country, well we just have to wait, till then we do what we can to INCREASE one's speed when you want it with SPEED BOOST ADD-ONS.

For as low as Php150.00, you can boost your WiMax Base Plan speed by 1 Mbps on certain time periods of the day—whether it’s for late night video downloading, heavy browsing during lunch break, or online gaming until dawn.

Here's another link for the FAQ & details for the Tattoo Customizable Plans-- http://tattoo.globe.com.ph/product/customizable-plans#details

Make the most of your landline service experience with VOICE ADD-ONS.
  • Call Waiting– Receive calls while engaged in a conversation with another caller.
  • Call Forwarding – Divert calls from a landline to either a mobile phone or another landline phone.
  • Multi-Calling – Engage in a group conversation with only one landline phone.
  • Caller ID – View the caller's telephone number before answering any calls.
For more info. you may visit http://www.facebook.com/GlobeTattoo

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  10. so you're one of those globe models po pala?! hahahah.... congrats! :)

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