Molave Milk Station in Barili, Cebu

Stop Over
Going towards my mom's hometown in Dumanjug, Cebu, we had to pass through Barili first before reaching our target destination for the vacation/visitation of relavies/All-souls-saints-days. We first had our 2nd pit stop, aside from buying some snacks in Car-car's street-take-out-food; we first got down to relieve ourselves and had a quick snack at the Molave Milk Station in Barili, Cebu.

You can't miss the signage!
The Molave Milk Station is a popular stop-over for travelers going to and from the western coastline of Cebu island. The Molave Milk Station is part of a bigger property which is a private farm where animals graze freely in the fields.

Follow the CR Sign!
We were surprised to see the sudden arrivals of people
No worries, there are plenty of spots to choose from (eating spots)
The place is very nice to just eat away and observe nature
After many years of going to western Cebu, this place has always intrigued me until now. It is totally the perfect location for travelers who need to stretch their legs while gobbling down a frozen treat.

Check out their Menu, Note: There specialty are dairy products--so just stick with those choices :D
They sell cow's and carabao's milk, ice cream and shakes there. The ice cream is of course their popular product and it comes in soft serve as well. You have flavors like chocolate, buko pandan, vanilla, mango, strawberry and even pandan chocolate and buko chocolate.

We bumped into these really huge Rooster
It is actually a private farm and the place had these picnic tables and a shop where you could buy dairy products and food ranging from roasted fishes to meats. You cannot enter the farm to interact with the animals (unless if the Chicken comes to you!) but other than that, you can enjoy a very good view of nature and of the farm.

Me and my sister had some Milk, Ice Cream and Soft Drinks
One needs to schedule a private tour to be able to check out the stables, but the milk station is completely open to the general public (yey!!!).

This is our spot
You just have to make a right turn when you reach the road intersection in Carcar, and move on for some 13 kilometers or so; Basically just follow the western coastline of southern Cebu ‘til you get to Barili (past the Mantalongon Public Market) then keep your eyes peeled for unusual yellow street signs such as chickens, cows, or horses or the like or the best 'moving' landmark to tell you if you're close, is basically an OSTRICH!!!

Nature Trolling
That means you’re fast approaching the Molave Wood Farms and Stables. And then you’ll be able to spot the signage of Molave Milk Station at the right side of the picturesque road (if you are coming from the North/City).

Back to the road and off we go!!
You can think of this place as an open-air (EMERGENCY) food trip by the side of a quiet and secluded national road. Downhill, you can see some farm animals freely grazing in the open field while YOU or your group is slurping away a dairy product of your choice!!
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