More than 100 ways to have Fun in the Philippines

My contribution - Boodle Fight ~ Team GK Cebu Style
Do you believe in your heart that "It's More Fun in the Philippines?" Well, this is my (delayed) take on it since there are already a lot of Netizens who made their own versions of the campaign, so instead of going with the flow I collated as much as I can and made it into a presentation which I shared on SlideShare [which is shown down below :D- More than 100 ways to have Fun in the Philippines].
{A boodle fight is a military tradition type of eating where food is laid on a long table: all the elements of a meal (rice, chicken, pork, fish, vegetables, noodles, sardines, all are cooked of course but their can be variations as well :D) are placed on top of banana leaves and then eaten up togethe until nothing is left.}

Now I would've wanted to cover all of the Photos {in which I did}, but due to size limitations for free users in slideshare, I had to compress and edit to reduce the size of the presentation to meet the limitations. 
Online marketing ph
Now, to the other reason why I made this is that I was invited to speak to some Business Administration Students in a local University here in Cebu {last feb.11} on Online Marketing here in the Philippines since they were having difficulty finding book resources as well as on the internet since these developments are fairly recent and the academe is doing catch-up. So I became a Guest Lecturer talking to them about Online Marketing - Blogging, Social Media, SEO overviews and I made another presentation to show a clear example on Online Marketing ~what better way to do that by showcasing our very own government's initiative (shout out to PH's Department of Tourism) in promoting our country to not only inspire/attract foreign tourists but also local ones.

(You may want to see/read More on Tourism posts ~ Meeting Tourism Secretary Ramon R. Jimenez Jr. ; or the Pilipinas Kay Ganda vs. WoW Philippines)

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Our society overflows with critics, cynics, and faultfinders. Many people quickly point out what you are doing wrong, but relatively few take time to point out anything you are doing right. So what if the campaign was copied from the Swiss? Each country tries to take an angle of 'being a FUN place to stay' just to drive-in tourists.

eat this haters? xD
The DOT campaign is bringing out the crazy-pinoy-creativity. Now, your probably wondering how to make your own or create your own FUN campaign poster/photo? There are a couple sources that you can try:

Related Sources and More information:
Official Twitter Accounts and Hashtags:
#ItsMoreFUNinthePhilippines - Hashtag to promote the FUN in the Philippines to the world.
#1forFUN - Hashtag of our National Tourism Cheer
@DOT Philippines - Official DOT Twitter Account
@ItsMoreFUNinPH - Official Twitter Account of the Campaign.
Official Facebook Page: It's More Fun in the Philippines (Type in the search box)

“It takes a nation to sell a nation. Everyone must be involved!”
"Huwag maging dayuhan sa sariling bayan."


What is your take/opinion on the new logo and campaign? Love to here your reply in the comment box below!

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