Mass Hysteria Incident in Cebu (Earthquake+After.Shocks+Tsunami.Scare+TROLLS)

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The earthquake-tsunami incident in Cebu and Negros last Monday, February 6, 2012 is still a hot topic well except if your engrossed in this so called perceived holiday (V-Day). This incident, starting with the Earthquake, by far was the longest I felt in years, around more than 30 seconds or so.

And even after a week, the Philippine Institute of Volcano-logy and Seismology has recorded more than a thousand aftershocks. Some of them are quite strong especially in Negros Oriental and neighboring 'deep' southern towns in Cebu. My BUTT has become hyper-sensitive to these aftershocks already, but in Cebu City,  I guess it's effects are no longer felt.

As of this writing, relief and rescue efforts are currently under going with Tri-Media people still heading there, and first responding foundations (GMA, ABS-CBN, & Aboitiz Foundation, that I know of). My mom, the next day closed our small restaurant-business to inspect the structure and one of our employees had to go home since he was from the stricken area, and of course we had an emergency house de-cluttering to send some help there as well.

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Earthquake info:
Central Visayas was hit by a very strong earthquake (6.7/8/9 magnitude). The epicenter was located in the middle of Tañon Strait which is in between Negros and Cebu. Badly damaged was Negros Oriental more specifically the town of Tayasan, Gihulngan, La Libertad, Ayongon etc. Cebu was shaken but was not damaged as much, and although some cracks has surfaced in some public infrastructures and in some hillsides and mountains in Ronda, Cebu (more here).

There were no classes for the next 2 to 3 days as establishments and the government checked buildings. And by the end of the week, teachers and students had to get a make-up class.

Tsunami Scare:
The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology issued “Tsunami alert no. 2? which advised to “stay away from the shoreline and to watch out for unusual waves. People living in the shoreline are advised to be watchful. ” Take note that no evacuation was recommended, but just for people to be watchful. Well, people obviously over-reacted for some reason or got the wrong information somehow:

Because of the lack of the information, panic spread all over the street and people ran, some of them even removed their shoes, they even ran from Colon, all the way to Fuente Osmeña Circle (That is a far Run!). Newspapers the next day even got some stories and images that even some policemen/tanods ran as well.

Ahcee Flores Incident -“Ahcee” posted this:
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For me, the best way to deal w/-it is: if you feel offended, let out the emotion 1st before responding/sharing without thinking. We don't even now yet for sure of the 'person' mentioned is in itself 'a real person'. We must be mindful of our actions because if this was a real person, the crowd of netizens would end up being 'the cyber bully' which may cause the person to commit something dreadful (suicide, depression..etc..)

I rendered a quick interview for a local newspaper (SunStar) as to what one can do in this type of situation: Click-to-view-Net post enrages Bisayas in Visayas, Mindanao

This is a great opportunity for local leaders, academe, business and the like to help plan for contingencies and the like preventive-solutions, if something worse were to happen (same goes for individuals).

It's not yet over, earlier this weekend, PAGASA reports that it's gonna be a rainy week in Central Visayas; not to be the bearer of bad news, but there could be a chance of Land Slides in immediate affected areas. Let's continue to pray for our brothers and sisters in the Southern Cebu and Negros; let us also help whenever we can, coordinate with your local foundations or Social Welfare offices as to what one can do.

Note: If one finds the writing offensive or a bit insensitive, it's okay and understandable for those 1st time earthquake-newbies, I'm simply trying to point out the things we can do now and the areas of opportunities we can seize; and when it happened, I was seriously concentrating poo-poo-ing in the restroom so I would've probably never went outside the house even if it was the end of the world, seriously (I'm not cold, just constipated).

"Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier." -Mother Teresa #hindiakocheesy #slightlang
Mass Hysteria Incident in Cebu (Earthquake+After.Shocks+Tsunami.Scare+TROLLS) Mass Hysteria Incident in Cebu (Earthquake+After.Shocks+Tsunami.Scare+TROLLS) Reviewed by Vernon Joseph Go on Tuesday, February 14, 2012 Rating: 5


  1. grabeh jud to na incident. usahay kay mohunong ko'g kalit - magbantay kung naa bay aftershocks or wala. haiz.

  2. mao jud bai naka-paranoid sa lawas!

  3. 'twas scary alright. Watching those people in downtown Cebu in hysteria was a bit off. :(

  4. I did not believe the stories at first till I saw the video, different places, different reactions jud

  5. It got me thinking pud. What if I were there? Magpanic pd kaha ko? Modagan? Haha.

  6. diin man diay ka? hahahaha who knows ehhehe, sum will just run or scream for the heck of it just to blend in --i know sum1 who did that ahhaha

  7. Naa ra ko sa amo, somewhere in the mountains of Apas. Haha. Ikaw? Yeah, I know of some na nidagan without even knowing why... bsta lang daw nidagan sila kay nanagan ang mga tao. :P