How travel photographers travel light with the Intel Ultrabook

Ultrabook [photo from the Intel Newsroom]
There’s always a certain allure to seeing the world through a camera lens. There’s just something about being able to capture a fleeting occurrence as it comes and goes – an ecstatic crowd singing along to a new band’s song on their first concert performance, the flash of neon lights as it hits lovers embracing on the dance floor, a skate enthusiast catching three seconds of airtime at an old abandoned skate park. A photographer’s unique ability to freeze a moment in time, to immortalize it and to express it in such a way that one image tells a myriad of stories is truly amazing.

Photo courtesy of Wowie Wong
Travel photography is, in essence, captivating, exhilarating and inspirational. Every trip is an adventure, and every photographer is a pioneer. Travel opens up a wide scope of genres for the avid photographer to explore, and for those who are in constant pursuit of the perfect shot, packing for the experience is a daunting task in itself.

When a photographer is constantly on the road, choosing which items to bring will ultimately help or hinder him in the field. Although it would be fantastic to take one’s entire kit abroad, experience with basic travel regulations will tell any traveler to think twice before hitting the road. Ah, the baggage that comes with baggage these days – peeving limitations like baggage allowance and insurance costs, the fight for the overhead bins and space for leg room, and not to mention, the sheer mental, physical (and financial!) weight of lugging around six pieces of luggage and the kitchen sink for a few days.

Less is definitely more when it comes to packing for a trip around the globe, as convenience and practicality are luxuries one rarely enjoys when travelling with heavy professional gear these days. Although there may be little one can do about the weight of high-end cameras and lenses, much can be done when it comes to choosing a light and powerful computing device to bring with one at all times.

Photo courtesy of Wowie Wong
According to travel photographer Ben Rayner, his Intel-powered Ultrabook plays a pivotal role in his creativity and business process. “All you need is one global device to make everything come together,” he says. True to form, the Ultrabook puts sleek style, intense performance and an amazing experience in the hands of users around the world. It is a global office in one compact, lightweight and powerful device that offers the performance of multiple gadgets in a 4lbs. computer one can easily store inside one’s bag.

Because of its lightweight design, superior battery life and ability to quickly complete the task at hand, the Ultrabook becomes an extension of one’s unique form of self-expression. With inspiration coming from every aspect of life, artists are constantly inspired and driven by each moment they encounter.

With every travel photographer’s desire to capture the world through his lens also comes the need to interact and connect with the people he meets on his journey. People always want to express themselves and create content they can share with others whenever they can, whether it’s posting a simple black-and-white picture online or writing a groundbreaking photo essay on the mountains of Brazil. After all, taking the photo is but half of the adventure. Sharing the story completes the experience.
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