3 Online Tools to Maximize Efficiency

For those who are just starting out, finding a name may seem a bit difficult especially since there can literally be hundreds, if not thousands, of competitors in the marketplace. But an excellent name gives your business and your company a chance to be seen. And even if you've already been in the marketplace for quite a while but not seeing much of a progress, getting a catchy slogan or renaming your company to something which resonates more with your target consumers can turn things around.

With PickyDomains.com, you can avail of service that normally costs thousands of dollars for just a fraction of the price, risk-free. The initial requirements consist of only three steps: registration as a client, $50 downpayment for a name or domain and $75 for a slogan, and a list of your naming requirements. It is risk-free, with a money-back guarantee should a client happen to not like any of the suggestions he receives from PickyDomains’ pool of over 50,000 registered contributors worldwide.

Managing office workflow and company collaboration doesn't have to be a serious business altogether. With Bitrix24.com, you get a social intranet that helps you manage a variety of things, helping you streamline the different processes in your company while keeping track of tasks and maintaining open office communications, all in an easy and fun manner.

Anyone who is familiar with social networking sites will surely find it easy to learn how to navigate Bitrix24. The different functionality it offers include free social communications, free task and project management, free file and document sharing, free calendar, free CRM, to name just a few. What’s really cool about Bitrix24 is that the basic package is 100% free for companies with 12 members or less. An upgrade to unlimited users only costs $99 a month. In addition, support is offered for all accounts, whether free or paid. Best of all, the service utilizes cloud-based data storage and is also available in mobile version, making it accessible anytime, anywhere.

For business purposes or otherwise, air travel can be one of the cheapest and most efficient ways to get to any destination, particularly if you travel frequently. But it can be difficult to seek out the best deals, especially if you will be traveling during peak seasons when travel agencies are at their busiest and competition among airlines is most intense. Because of this, you may be forced to book months ahead or keep track of different airline or travel agency sites. With JetRadar.com, a comprehensive cheap airfare search engine that gathers information from 728 individual airline sites plus hundreds of travel websites, you get an aggregated list of the best and cheapest airfare deals in a single web portal, keeping your travel arrangements as efficient as possible.
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