Sharing computer skills to “Kasambahays”

For those of you who do not know what a “Kasambahay” is, it means Katulong (house helper/member; Maid/Boy and the like). Now when we hear that word, most of us will probably visualize our maid or driver or si ‘manong gardener,’ for this particular situation however, the kasambahays we met were all teenagers.

Last August 21st, on a special holiday (Ninoy Aquino Day) here in the Philippines, me and some work mates volunteered to help youth from SUMAPI (Samahan at Ugnayan ng mga Manggagawang Pantahanan sa Pilipinas) ~ a national organization composed of domestic workers through VFFi (Visayan Forum Foundation, Inc.) conducted a short but memorable Computer Literacy Program.

The activity with Visayan Forum was very uplifting and enlightening.  About 20 teenage Kasambahays underwent basic computer literacy training.  We engaged them with simple hardware functionalities such has ‘how to turn on, operate a software or app…and the like.‘

To us who use and are always exposed to technology almost all day, this seems too simple and ridiculous; but for those people who for the first time are learning the ways of the computer or even the 1st time seeing or touching or operating an application ~ it was simply pure Joy for them.

About Visayan Forum Foundation:
VISAYAN FORUM FOUNDATION, INC is a non-profit, non-stock and tax-exempt non-government organization in the Philippines established in 1991. VF works for the welfare of marginalized migrants, especially those working in the invisible and informal sectors. It works in issues of domestic work, child labor and human trafficking especially of women and children. (More info.via wikipedia)

You can call it fate or simply a coincidence but we used up our holiday to volunteer and at the same time it was a day meant to celebrate the heroism of Ninoy Aquino for our country.

This is just the beginning I believe, I hope for more activities to come!

Do you remember your 1st encounter with the computer?

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