Heroism in the Technology Workplace

What's been keeping me these days? Well, I have finally decided to work in an industry that complements or is related to my course: Industrial Engineering and specifically I'm into Project Management Support. An this is just my take or a quick reflection on my new career. And in the fast paced world or specifically my new workplace world where we deal and engage in technology projects, I believe we can do some good ol' fashioned hard work, team work and cooperation will bring us a long way, hence the title - Heroism in the Workplace.

This is to say that we must not let technology drive us to a point that we depend on it too much or just put ourselves in "auto pilot" but by simply recognizing the people element in our work, I believe we can accomplish so much more! And with this blog post I hope I get to not just educate my workmates who may or may not read my blog but also the general youth who stumble into my blog (post). ^_^


On most holidays here in the Philippines, most of us no longer bother to know why we have a particular holiday; for those in BPO, it’s a celebration due to premium pay. So why talk about heroism then? It’s because recently we just celebrated National Heroes Day.

Do you believe that TRUE  HEROES don’t wait? Heroes don’t wait for recognition, or even reward. How many soldiers, at the command or with their own decision rushed into the middle of gunfire, risking their own life to protect civilians? They do it without really expecting to be a headline in a newspaper, media or be known; they simply do it  because of their fiery passion to help out and fierce adherance to Duty.

Just like Heroes, Leaders also don’t wait. They say, leaders are born, some say they are made but I believe they are called upon. They are not called out by others, what I mean is they answer the call of a need and rise to the occasion. They don’t wait for things to happen, watch what happens or wonder what happens; they simply make things happen.

A child drowning, a house on fire, you name it, there is always that one person who responds first and have the guts to dive into the water or into a blazing inferno.

The holiday was created to honor those who took a bullet or two for one’s country. But for us, who are alive should take every shot available to be modern day heroes. Perhaps at home, outdoors, at work. It doesn't ave to be special or big – just some random acts of kindness like helping someone out!

Sometimes, people just need to hear your valuable advice. Perhaps they just needed that little motivation or encouragement; sometimes offering your “time” to help out already makes a lot of difference. Try helping others even if you’re having a difficult time yourself!

And I believe our workplace needs, maybe, a little something like this. It may be difficult at first but not impossible. Don’t wait for the right moment, just do it.

In my experience working with small teams of youth, students, NGOs, individuals & companies in doing community work, I can say that people tend to succeed more when they don’t feel all alone. I guess it’s easier to WIN when surrounded with supportive people!

And if you want to be that HERO at WORK? Then you’ll have to go beyond the call of duty of being just an resource to a people developer. Our new motto becomes “Nobody gets left behind!”

Do you think their's an app for this? Tech and Hardwork must go hand in hand to reach greater heights!So don't forget the people aspect of work; stop chatting, talk, engage, work face to face!

“A generous man will prosper; he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed.” – Proverbs 11:25

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