Carefree 2013


It was the best of times and worst of times once again.

One of the weird things I've decided to do last year was to adapt different things, like:
  • No written goals; maybe a few by memory
  • Did not document in an organizer the activities I've been doing
  • Work-Life Blend (my work-life has taken up majority of my focus and attention) 

But it doesn't mean I wasn't actively using social media, well I've lessened my event coverages, blogging even; I've probably become a normal netizen who consumes social media news, activities and updates.

One of the things I've followed are J-LAW's feats and our awesome new pope's actions which are making waves! I've also followed the Philippines' milestones such as our rising economy in the region, politics, disasters and the like commentaries.

From the usual stuff I do (blogging, writing, travel, volunteering), it has been reduced to the following:
  • Traveled around Siquijor and twice to Argao, Simala.
  • Finished reading 2 books and the monthly consumption of Entrepreneur magazine
  • 2 GK builds in Mandaue, 1 Tree Planting in Busay, 1 Brigada Eskwela in Mandaue
  • 2nd & 3rd time to join relief operations. Kargador mode during 7.2 Magnitude earthquake and Typhoon haiyan/yolanda disasters

  • 2013 has been a year of kindness, in a way. I've met amazing new people at work and outside work unexpectedly. It's not that a lot of kind things happened or people have shown kindness to me, it's more of learning grace - to show kindness where it is most unexpected. 2013 has surprised me with even more challenges. In general I've learned:

    • I've become an event organizer at work --for the most part of the year (which is outside my job description)
    • I've prayed for career growth, which was rewarded with a promotion and a new project that forces me to grow 
    • To have learned acceptance and kindness; through Happiness and sadness; In Love and hurt. (the universe never fails to remind me of the many fish a.k.a ladies out there! :3)
    • To learn that I am never alone, we are all never truly alone.
    • You can re-live/gain your childhood (Jolly-kiddie party team building :D~walay childhood!) 
    • letting go is a normal process (of love, of entrepreneurship, of team-mates, of people)

    Realizing when others knew things that we don't and even can make or do it better, it frees us to let our guards down and be your true self with others and that is truly when we connect with one another.
    From a career stand point:
    • Not all Managers are scary, some are just waiting to be discovered as awesome! (Lai + Virgil)
    • Yes, you can move up based on performance and not on politics (but it's still there)
    • Was under 4 supervisors, 3 managers, 4 teams - a-lot of food, fun, team building and people!
    • Work doesn't have to be all work if you have your friends (batchmates, project-mates, tower-mates, bay-mates, team-mates, non-work-workmates!)

    Our lives improve only when we take chances-- and the first and most difficult risk we can take is to be honest with ourselves. - Walter Anderson
    In our time of darkness, there was light.

    Towards the end of the year, we were thrown into a roller coaster of emotion: despair, shock, fear, of overwhelming scenes in the internet/social-media, face-to-face and in Television as we held our collective breaths during and the aftermath of boat-collisions, tornadoes, 7.2M earthquake and the strongest typhoon to ever make land fall - Yolanda/haiyan. But in those moments, we also saw heroism, determination, hope and resilience.

    People pulled together funds and resources, not just locally but also around the world.

    So another learning is this: We don't get to be upset. We just face things, and deal with it. Keep calm and carry on. We don't have to feel helpless, as long as we do something and bring our little handful of effort and time, none of us will be helpless.

    So a few goals (well, I've been consuming zen habits and have tried to have lesser goals, so this are just a few):
    • Save money, invest money and spend money - do it in that exact order.
    • Do well at work but don't forget to give time to youself (relax, enjoy, smile!)
    • As always, try something NEW!
    • Accomplish the usual stuffs pag may time: blog, travel, volunteer, write, meet new people!
    That's about it for this long post. I'll just leave you with this thought below..

    I think we can change the world a little each day with a little acts of kindness!
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    1. Mag iMOVE napud ta ani na year, kay mung graduate nmn mi hahahahaha og unta tabangan ko ni Lord sa May 2014 Board, para mka.iMOVE najud tah hahahahahaha :P

      Happy NEw Year Beernun! ;)