Let the 52 Week Money Challenge Begin!

Happy new year! Guess what? The Christmas/Holiday Celebration isn't over yet here in the Philippines. Let me greet you in advance: Happy 3 kings, Sinulog, Chinese New Year, Valentines and March-New Year! Anyway, I just wanted to share and document my participation in a challenge; yep, I saw this blogpost-link being shared around facebook and I decided to peek into it. Hence the discovery of this #52WeekMoneyChallenge! It's as if the Universe is telling me, you want money/better financial status for 2014? Here's a plan to get you that money.

I found two versions of it, one that leads to a total of  Php68,900.00 by year end (via Kuripot Pinay) and the other at Php71,656.00 savings by the end of the year (via Geemiz's 52 week money challenge calculator blogpost). So obviously I'll go for the one with higher returns. ^_^

Now after reading and re-reading these blogpost, I had a question; though this one's as it is--is very feasible towards the end of the year due to bonuses and whatknot, What if, we reversed this? You know, just to make it interesting and that by the end of the year, you'll have more money to spend than saving? Talk about extreme delayed gratification!

But anyways, I'll update this post from Time to time to give and document my progress with this 52 week money challenge --in reverse? Good Luck to me!! :)))))


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