My First Corporate Team Building

I've joined corporate, youth, community team buildings, but this will be my first time co-facilitating one for supervisors, team leads and managers. The kicker here is that they are also my colleagues. This happened roughly a month or two after the team building in Mt. view resorts which prepared me a little bit.

A few days of pre-event preparations
we were organizers and facilitators at the same time, so we scouted our activity area ahead of schedule
Co-facilitators having a quick lunch-picnic, we needed lots of energy for a half day team building activity

Even if I prepared myself and together with my co-facilitator colleagues pitching in there team building ideas, we were still in for a surprise roller-coaster ride since one of the lessons learned for me here is factoring in the behavior of supervisors/managers have outside the workplace which was totally different from youth, communities. See a video clip showcasing the event's highlights below:

The goal for this time around was for the new junior supervisors and senior supervisors to get to know each other. Communication, team dynamics and bonding games were what we used for this particular area of engagement.

After a game of "Have you ever" (a getting-to-know-you game), the individuals were grouped into "animal" teams and asked to make their team flags. After making the flag, they were ask to make a cheer/jingle in relation to their flag designs.
Note: "Have you ever..?" is a simple GTKY game that allows the participants to get to know each other. The facilitator initiates the game by letting the participants form a circle with the facilitator at the center. He/She asks a question of "have you ever... eaten a chicken?" (whatever goes). If the answer is yes for the participant, he/she must move across to find an open marked space that was previously occupied by a co-participant, if NO, they stay put. The person left without any vacant spaces to go to must stay at the center to introduce his/herself and then gets the chance to ask the question "have you ever..?" (it could be a simple, tricky, complicated question, it depends upon you if it will get people to move around) then the cycle is repeated until all participants have introduce his or herself or it can be cut short half way and shift to another GTKY game by the facilitator.

A fairly simple team game called "Standing Together" as indicated by its name, the objective is to start small (by pair) standing together until the whole group must help each other to stand together successfully
It was a cloudy, windy and eventually rainy afternoon so we stayed in this tent for the remainder of the afternoon. Our finale game is called the TARP-FLIP. Another simple team game wherein everyone on the tarpulin must flip it without anyone falling off the tarp.

Another take-away for us co-facilitator/s is that we get to practice our facilitation skills, speaking and dealing with our supervisors, and learning about the behaviors that most of my colleagues don't see when they are at the office. Overall the whole engagement was both a learning experience for the leads and at the same time for the co-facilitators as well. Till the next team building activity!

The team taking a selfie break (L-R): Ray, me, Allyn, Mars, Kissey
At the end of the day with our facilitator-lead WiL (tired but still cheerful faces) :D

"If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself" - Henry Ford

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