3rd Cebuano Young Leaders Summit: From digitally disrupted to disruptors

The Ayala Young Leaders Alumni Association-Bai (Cebu Chapter) in partnership with the Ayala Foundation Inc. and the Cebu City Youth Development Council organized the Third Cebu Young Leaders Summit (CYLS) with the theme: “Gamechangers: Rebranding the Modern Cebuano Youth.”

I was invited to talk about the youth's role in using Social Media in "changing the game" (in relation to the theme of Gamechangers) in terms of doing service work: outreach, promotions of causes, advocacies and the like. I pretty much talked about what Social media was and currently is; the challenges, opportunities and some local examples the youth delegates can benchmark or draw inspiration from.

The venue for this CYLS was at the TapTap Training Center in the mountains of Busay in which I took a quick and short opportunity to roam around the place before I gave my talk.

HeliPad Area slash playground of sorts
Taking in the views, technically this is still part of Cebu City -- AMAZING! -Photo by: Danica Blanche
Oh hello there cow!
#SelfWe with Blancheee!

On my way to the venue, I got the chance to talk and meet with other fellow speakers of the event, whom to my surprise are already people I know. Sir Julius of IJM and JP of GVSP!

Julius Bungcaras shares his passion for photography while relating it to his mission and advocacy against Human Trafficking
JP Maunes, who is also my neighbor shares his experiences, starting up GVSP - Gualandi Volunteer Service Programme whose mission is to create an Deaf Inclusive Filipino Society.
 The common theme or my take-away from these two great speakers is HOPE. Hope is indeed something I needed that day and at the same time I was inspired to pursue my interests, passions, goals and dreams just as they did! There is indeed hope so long as we carry one and fight for what is right, do what needs to be done, because the task of helping people (not limited to PWDs, victims of human trafficking, lack of education or the like) is easier said than done!

I'll be summarizing the presentation/points I shared based from my slide that's shared below:
-The Philippines has about 34M people who have access to the internet with over 100M who have access to mobile device subscriptions. (that's about 36% Internet Penetration)
-With that data and the others shared, this can potentially disrupt multiple areas of engagement specifically here in the Philippines, such as: Education, Voter Participation, Political Change, Entertainment, and the like.
-Some of the examples I've shared for education: Computer Based trainings in enterprise and public schools are rising, self-education via social network information sharing, google, youtube how-to-videos, MOOCs and many more.
-Examples for entertainment are everywhere
-For voter participation, political change, we have seen this in the news such as the Arab Spring, anonymous, online petitions to name a few.
-Using visualization: Photos (with caption) to promote causes, advocacy, campaigns or an idea.
-We also saw online movement and bayanihan during the recent disasters we have faced such as 7.2 Magnitude earthquake, Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda that showed that people indeed can still help through Digital Media!
-Digital Governance: government agencies that are active online, and people actively using and engaging these digital services (Traffic, Tourism, Check & Balance, Disaster Risk management..etc..)
-I also shared some examples how the youth can participate online through: twitter screenshots, facebook stories, online social-forums, other mediums (blogs, pinterest, tumblr and other platforms)
-I also shared that dark side of it all, if Digital Media can bring about good it can also be a force to do bad things as well (which led me to showcase some examples and stories on Cyber bullying, identity theft and the like)!

About CYLS:
The Cebu Young Leaders Summit 2014 ran last May 29-31, 2014 which aims to engage and encourage young and active youth leaders who share a common vision for Cebu. The CYLS provides an opportunity for the delegates to know more about the socio-political systems and challenges faced by our country particularly in Cebu as they interact with various individuals that generate and implement best practices as solutions to various issues affecting the society.

CYLS 2014 had participants of about fifty (50) dynamic and passionate young leaders coming from diverse backgrounds but are one in their fight for a better Cebu and a better society. The breakdown of the delegates is as follows: thirty-five (35) student leaders from different colleges and universities in Cebu and fifteen (15) Out-of-School Youths in Cebu City.

Some of the organizers who are also CYLS alumni themselves borrowing my action cam for their own facial actions!
a little groupie with most of my audience after the talks
"The more you try to impress people, the less impressed they’ll be. Nobody likes a try-hard. As someone who speak in public almost everyday, I have found this to be true. It's not a good idea to try to impress people with what you have or what we know, it is better to express truth or extend service that would help people." - Francis Kong

Enjoy the Slides/Presentation (Do let me know your thoughts via the Comment section!) - Digitally disrupted to disruptors: youth's role using digital media:

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