Kabang River, Budlaan, Tinisig Uwang Falls & Mt. Kan-irag/Sirao Peak

Photo by Rai Rucas
One Saturday morning I went trekking with my friends/co-workers to a river-wading-bouldering-trekking-swimming and semi-climbing experience by going through Kabang River, Budlaan Falls & Mt. Kan-irag/Sirao Peak. The Kabang River, Budlaan Falls & Mt. Kan-irag/Sirao Peak has been on my bucket list for quite some time.. separately and finally I had the opportunity to achieve all of it in one go and cross this out from the list

To the drop off point!
Preparing for the adventure!
The original plan was only to go through the river and the big falls and go home but since we met another group at work who had the same plans on the same day, so we just combined-powers. We met at Gaisano Talamban, specifically in Jollibee and then head towards the jump-off point. From the jump-off point in Budlaan, we trekked for 20 minutes or so and went down to a near the river. We jumped on small rocks scattered along the river and climbed boulders the size of houses.

1st Selahfie of the day!
The River you will encounter after the descent from the drop-off point (if you took the left path)
Right below the river above is immediately this 1st small water falls (budlaan)
There are several mini waterfalls along the trail and people get confused on what its really named, so I myself am confused since I tried to verify these from the locals to mountaineers. Hence, the very general title of this blogpost. The first falls you will encounter is probably a nameless one at the bottom coming from the jump off point (if you took a left turn, you'll probably end up somewhere if you took the right turn, which was allegedly steeper but a shorter path).

1st Groupie wohoo! Are you having fun yet?
The 2nd falls (possibly the Kabang Falls)
The 3rd one (left side); the falls above that is the BIG FALLS in which you have to get passed that really big boulder.

The next 2 falls you encounter could either be (interchangeably) named Budlaan Falls or Kabang Falls. The big falls is sometimes called kabang falls too but due to confusing sources, and various names it is being allegedly called, "Salisiguwang Dako"but also Tinisig Uwang Falls by locals.

Here it is!!! This is a Buwis Buhay shot in itself since it was raining and the rocks are really slippery.
Bottom up view!
Attempting inner peace via meditation -- but selfie muna
Another view of the waterfalls upclose
The mini cave behind the falls, there was a deep part when crossing/swimming over behind the water curtain.

To get to the big falls you need to get over huge boulders and sometimes you just have to grasp whatever object you can to avoid getting off balance. And oh I almost forgot, there was scattered rain showers during that day although it wasn't raining when we started the climb!

Official headcount-documentation shot: We made it!
Cramps can happen so be mindful of your body and hydrate!
Our first aid responder Selahlbularyo
I wonder where she got those leaves and if it helped ^_^
After spending an awesome cold, rainy-dip, lunch and photo-ops, we had to begin  the arduous task of conquering Mt. Kan-irag which is also know as Sirao Peak. This was one of the most uphill and natural trails I've encountered. Add to that the scattered light rains, it was cold, slippery and a bit dangerous but we always spotted and helped each other along the way, the key is TEAMWORK and team motivation or cheer leading!

Its one of those paths wherein the ground is almost right in front of your face.
Passing this mini-falls is no easy feat but picture2 sa daw!
The 1st falls right above the BIG Falls
That slippery rock bridge #BuwisBuhayPic
I always find random animals along each trail, this time -- a Chicken!
ADAPT!! Improvised Flip-flop fix

Things to bring:
  • 1.5 to 2L water (bottle)
  • Trail foods (sharing is always good!) and Lunch
  • Extra clothes
  • Trekking or running shoes
  • Sleeves and Leggings (Anti-cogon, though sometimes it will still pierce through)
  • Jacket/Raincoat (in case of sudden rain or whatever covering you have --for your bags too)
  • Sun protection (hat/cap/sunblock)
  • Headlamp/Flashlight (in case one is caught by nightfall)
  • Extra-extra cash! [Total Spend = Php330.00 --whole day transpo, food, lunch]

We were meditating, talked about destressing, inner peace and zen philosophy.
okay right below, we mention leave no trace; but we just re-arranged these rocks! >_<

Always remember:
  • Leave No Trace (trash, or the like)
  • Plan Ahead, Be Ahead (inform someone where you are going)
  • Dispose of Waste Properly
  • Leave What You Find, Take nothing but pictures and memories!
  • Minimize Campfire Impacts (or don't make one at all!)
  • Respect Wildlife
  • Be Considerate of Other Visitors
  • Respect the locals

A little further up is this nameless spring? You could call it the source of the big falls and the other mini-falls below it!
It's not fun to just keep on walking, rest to overcome fatigue and of course - groupie!
Once you see lotsa cogon, you are nearing your goal -- the peak (but these are razor sharp)
Groupie at the top of the Mt. Kan-irag / Sirao Peak - SUCCESS! #TEAM123
This Budlaan-Sirao trail is one of the best all-around trails (in my opinion of course) to satisfy one’s adventure cravings without leaving Cebu province. It is not a normal, flat or boring trail of barren land or all grass and greeneries, but it is actually a path of varying slopes, inclines, descents, rocks, boulders, obstacles,woodlands leading to surprising views.

The other side of the mountain facing busay and balamban.
Dusk was upon us, time to go down.
The fun never stops; it was muddy, slippery and it was a really steep slope but plenty of open flat space below to crash (and of course some fresh-moist-cow-landmines) -- this is the FUN-DOWNHILL-TRAIL-SPRINT-RUN of the leg!

You will be amazed while passing through various trail. Trekking along the river banks is a very fascinating experience to me. Like running or trail running, you get to be alone with yourself; it's like going back to basics, wherein you push yourself to the limit (especially the cold winds and rain with ridiculously sharp cogon grass) and an awesome immersion in experiential learning in developing one's capacity to endure and persist in tough times. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, but it was also a FUN times!

To think a place like this exist within the heart of Cebu City!
"If you think our adventure is dangerous, try routine, it is lethal."
Kabang River, Budlaan, Tinisig Uwang Falls & Mt. Kan-irag/Sirao Peak Kabang River, Budlaan, Tinisig Uwang Falls & Mt. Kan-irag/Sirao Peak Reviewed by Vernon Joseph Go on Tuesday, September 23, 2014 Rating: 5

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