4 Simple mantras to help you start and keep on saving

We need to accept and realize that we have to pave our way to success. It won't be handed down to us. The fruits may be ready for the picking, but like in the story of Juan Tamad, we still need to reach for it ourselves.

Here are some simple, but very effective phrases to help me stay positive and to keep things in perspective. Whenever I begin to doubt myself, I just remember and repeat some of the following mantras:

1 – Begin by Doing

Many of us can be trapped in the “ideal” – this is totally normal because YOU want the best — for yourself, for your spouse, for your family. You want the best car, the best house, the best job and so on. But perfection comes with a price. The pursuit of perfection is an exercise in diminishing returns. Theoretically, if you had enough time, you might find the perfect option but reality disagrees most of the time. In our world today full of options you can be trapped by inaction. Starting plays a greater role in your success than any other factor. 

2 – Emotion creates motion!

When we get excited about something, we will jump into it. When we get so disappointed about something, we will quit doing it. When we care so much about something, we will take care of it. Always attach a goal to your savings plan so you will be committed to see it through all the way!

3 – Diversify! (Establishing your baskets)

You’ve heard of the saying, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket..”; put money that you save somewhere unnoticeable and inaccessible to you. A separate (or multiple) bank account is highly recommended. For me, I have 4 bank accounts plus a mobile-based savings bank through BPI-Globe Banko where I put my “Emergency Fund” which has saved me multiple times when it’s “Tingbitay” or “Linggo de peligro” or “Critical week with limited funds to spend.”

4 – Work Smart (Automate to make things easier and efficient)

We are already facing a lot of stress day in and day out, if you can automate deductions to your payroll account to be allocated to your multiple baskets, then do it. The hassle is only the one-time set-up, once it’s live, you will seldom notice it bothering you.

You cannot see a doctor once and expect to stay healthy. The same is true with your car, which needs regular maintenance. Your financial situation is the same. It needs constant work, to be assessed on a regular basis. 

Failure is okay. The ability to keep going in the face of failure is critical to success. It’s never too late to change direction, to start making changes, adjustments and smarter choices. The wonder of the future is that it can be built upon the ashes of the past. What phrase or mantra works for you?

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