Good Advice Project: Rhyle Clifford Sayat #2

Good Advice Project: Rhyle Clifford Sayat #2
Today’s advice comes from Rhyle Clifford Sayat, Young Upstart Professional for a Philippine Professional Services Firm. Thank you very much for joining and sharing your advice!

"On Opening Up"
Is it good or bad? Many people see this initially as something negative, due to fear of being judged or rejected. But for me, we should share our stories, good or bad, to others even if we are hesitant at first.

One of the main benefits of opening is that it opens you up to possibilities of solving one's problems quicker and better aside from getting advise (unsolicited mostly) you did not realize you needed.

I believe, people should not solve problems on their own. Becoming a little vulnerable helps us in many ways such as: to relieve or share the pain, the burden, having someone to listen to, a shoulder to cry on and the like. The act is not just about affirmation, but a learning process as well. But before doing so, find an environment that is safe, at the same time share to people who care about you, who seek your development to a better you.

Opening up can be a daunting process but I believe that if you don't share, you let go of the opportunities for further growth and learning of new concepts, ideas and different perspectives!


About this 365 Good Advice project:
-My own version of a 365 project;
-reconnecting with the willing 1,400+ friends of mine (based from facebook) via coffee talk/dates

-"Good" I mean the exact opposite of selfish. How can we give people good advice in order for them to care about others and not just of themselves.
-my friends share their "Good advice” – one every day or every other day or every after coffee talk.

For more information, do read the main blogpost on 365 Good Advice Project: Coffee Talks/Dates

Note: If you like the idea and want to join, please leave a comment or message me via facebook, or contact me via the contact form in this blog.
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