Good Advice Project: Athena Marie Anog #5

Good Advice Project: Athena Marie Anog #5
Today's Good advice comes from Athena Marie "Super Tatti" Anog, Nursing Student and future consultant (as per her declarations). Thank you very much for joining and sharing your advice! :P

"Live life simply."
(Pwede magbisaya?) Life is already complicated as it is and we wonder why daghan kau tag (we have so many) problems. Sometimes it's because we put too many things into the equation of life.

You miss someone? Go ahead and give that person a ring/message/sms. Deciding on huge life-changing matters? Follow the choice that puts you to peaceful sleep at night. Telling someone your feelings? Go ahead and never mind the surge of voices yelling warnings, telling you everything that could possibly go wrong. Be straightforward with the things that you want. Di ta magsige pakipot (although necessary ghapun na sa start sa relationships kung mao nay hisgutan, which is completely off topic).. but there.

I think it is the primary hindrance to a person's happiness. We have too much layers, and walls. We cover up ourselves with layers of make-up, layers of pride and accomplishments, when what we want is simple. Love, belonging-ness, acceptance.. other char stuff we're too "grown up" to admit.

So keep it simple and you'll be content. You can live a simpler yet full life!

What do you think of this good advice?

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