Good Advice Project: Clarizza Duhaylungsod #4

Good Advice Project: Clarizza Duhaylungsod #4
Today's Good advice comes from Clarizza Duhaylungsod, Young-Professional-and-Occasional-Drama-Queen. Thank you very much for joining and sharing your advice! :P

"Letting Go"
Just like frozen's theme song but it is not what it seems. The art of letting go is not just applicable to love lost but also to general life decisions, plans, goals, or even dreams. The hardest thing to do is letting go, not because you want to, but because you have to.

A common dilemma of young people these days is choosing between what you want to do and what one needs to do (practicality). Should you sacrifice what you want in favor of your parents' choice? Your dreams, to support some else's future? Your goals due to current inability or incapacity to execute or even pursue it?

In today's generation, there is so much information, and options available that it can cause indecision. Clinging unto something can cause problems like getting stuck or living in the past; so we've got to let it go - free yourself from unnecessary burden. Let go of that baggage. Breathe, smile, and carry on!

It is better to just focus on one thing, become the person you want to be and everything else will fall into place!


What do you think of this good advice?

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