Good Advice Project: Phoebe Jen Indino #3

Good Advice Project: Phoebe Jen Indino #3
This edition of the Good advice project comes from Phoebe Jen Indino, Journalist-Public Servant-Mother. Thank you very much for joining and sharing your advice!

"Life is not a Fairy Tale"
I read my daughter books that are non-fiction, close to real-life books; not the traditional disney-happily-ever-after..It is more reality-ever-after. Fairy Tales are almost too idealistic, as if it is all in one's head while reality is different. I know, it sounds a bit cruel but I want my daughter to live a real and full life, not something that is not real.

In a way, it is bad but I believe that it is a good lesson to teach, that not everyone is "good" in the strictest sense. And that not all that is bad things (situation, people, or the like) is bad, but sometimes they have something good too (whether it is going through the process or the unforseen good outcome)!

I draw some inspiration in recent movies such as the adaptation of Maleficent and Dracula Untold - that sometimes, the world doesn't need heroes, sometimes it needs monsters. Sometimes you need to be bad in order to be good!

Quick Reflection:
I can totally relate this in the workplace scenario. Sometimes you need to be the bad cop in order to get things done. Rule with an iron fist to move things forward and when the critical situation is passed, you can be the good cop later on!

About this 365 Good Advice project:
-My own version of a 365 project;
-reconnecting with the willing 1,400+ friends of mine (based from facebook) via coffee talk/dates

-"Good" I mean the exact opposite of selfish. How can we give people good advice in order for them to care about others and not just of themselves.
-my friends share their "Good advice” – one every day or every other day or every after coffee talk.

For more information, do read the main blogpost on 365 Good Advice Project: Coffee Talks/Dates

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