Good Advice Project: Jenny Lea Tan #15

 Good Advice Project: Jenny Lea Tan #15
The Good advice today which is also her Birthday comes from Jenny Lea Tan #15; Youth Advocate, Development Worker, and alleged Girl-Maoy. Thank you sharing your Good advice ate Jenny!! :)

"Do things Passionately."

I have observed and noticed that these days, the youth don't show passion in the work that they do. It seems that maybe it's "not cool" to show emotions whenever we are doing things that we like or being passionate about it and I think it is totally okay, and it should even be encouraged!

I think by being passionate in our work, even if it doesn't work out will eventually lead to one's passion. In my college days, I took up Computer Science and I was not that into my course and college in general. I didn't know what I want -- I thought to myself when I was in my 2nd year. But I do know one thing that made me happy, this was being able to be of help to others. So I found ways and means for me to be enhance this particular interest of mine which lead me to YMA - Young Minds Academy, which was a youth development program of the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation which totally changed my views, and perspectives in life.

Fast forward to graduation -- I wanted to do community development work which is what I do today! It is so satisfying to be able to do what you want to do and I encourage you to be vigilant in what you want, passion starts there and then just go for it.

I am aware that different people have different life situations and may not be able to do this now. So for now, plan for it so that you won't let go of your hopes, goals and dreams. Do soul searching, ask questions, talk to your family and friends; do discernment; start somewhere, continuously do something about your current challenge so you can pursue what you want.

Nobody can tell you what to do and where to go, you have the power, the free will to actually make it happen. Start and keep moving to the direction of your goals and of course do it with passion -- although that's easier said than done but if you do it with emotion, enthusiasm, you will most likely attract like minded people who can support and help you!

I'd rather do something I want without fully understanding everything than die and not be able to even try.

If "passion" is too complicated a term to figure out, let's make it simpler. Passion is connected to love. Be in love in what you are doing. And like love, it takes work/effort, commitment and time. It could even take a lifetime but if you hear the voice in your heart that says "this feels just right" then just follow it and continue to do whatever it is that you are doing.

And if I have a heaviness in my heart in deciding or doing something, then it usually is no longer worth pursuing. But of course you need to reflect, pray and a continuing discerning process.

Most of the passionate people I've met have anticipated the needs of others and also do more than the norm in their pursuits. I think we also need to do the same thing and also it doesn't hurt to try to be in the company of passionate people too!

Don't be afraid to pursue the things that make you come alive.

Let me share this paraphrased quote with you which I can't remember who shared this to me, but this is the quote that inspires me and has always pushed me to passionately go after the things that make me come alive.

“Spirituality, passion and happiness is when your deepest wounds, values and talents intersects with the needs of the world.”

What do you think of this good advice?

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