Good Advice Project: Tara Rose Donayre #16

Good Advice Project: Tara Rose Donayre #16
The Good advice today which is also her Birthday comes from Tara Rose Donayre #16; Radio DJ, K-PoPer, and Frustrated Make-Up Artist. Thank you sharing your Good advice ate Tarah!! :)

"Take Chances!"
I believe taking a chance is the difference between choices and risk or something like that. As what the introduction above told you, I wear many hats more than those three but I'll be talking about these three things in relation to my advice.

I hold a full-time job as PMO Associate in one of the biggest IT-BPO firms in the Philippines, so how did I end up being a Radio Disc Jockey then? It's kinda a long story but I'll make it short. It started in the days when MTV Pinoy Auditions was here in Cebu -- in which my friend dragged me in to "Try out".

Surprisingly, the lines for audition were short (were we early or late?) while in the audition process, I was thinking of the possibilities until I thought: "let's just see where this goes".

Long story short, I wasn't accepted and was fine with it since at the very least, I tried. But then after a few months towards the end of that year, I got a call out of the blue and got an offer for a radio gig; when I inquired how they got a hold of me, the caller mentioned that they knew I auditioned for MTV and they thought I can do this job in which (though I was worried but still) I said yes!! After that, for some reason everything just fell into it's own place. I still hold my full time job while still being able to be a Radio DJ!!

I took a chance and it turned out to be more than what I ever imagined or expected!
"Unsay mawala if dili nato sulayan?"

The pattern somewhat was repeated in my other endeavors such as being a KPoPer and Make-Up Artist in which I do on the side as well. I joined a sing-dance (KPoP) group here in Cebu in which at first, I really didn't know everyone at the beginning (but now we are friends) and ended up performing in different events including contests here in Cebu (Magnitude 7.2 girls!!).

Of course there is risk, disadvantage and a negative side to "taking chances." There are no guarantees but it's either you get what you want or you don't. You win or you learn. Don't over think, it's a learning experience and don't be afraid to learn and also try again.

As the old saying goes, "You will never know unless you try." So I encourage you to Take Chances!
What do you think of this good advice?

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