The humble Igotan (or Igutan) Cave & Waterfalls in Talisay Cebu

Hidden in the baranggay of Jaclupan lies the Igotan or Igutan falls and cave. There are two waterfalls in Igotan, technically - one outside and also inside. Yes, a waterfalls inside the cave (photo above is the outside one). The Igutan waterfalls outside isn't that 'strong' but the tricky thing about smaller waterfalls is that they are most active during the rainy season.

I have visited twice already but it was only during the second time that I saw a small volume of water falling ('gamay or hinay og agas' - don't take a dip there unless it's the rainy season since it's murky or stagnant most of the time).

The falls inside seem to be the opposite of the one outside, it streams constantly during summer or rainy seasons.

Mananga River in Jaclupan side
Take a photo of this fairly long foot/motorcycle bridge
Igotan Cave is at the other side of the Mananga River and we had to cross it using this rusty bridge. The locals also use this footbridge to carry goods from one side of the river to another but during summer, most just use the river bed since it's dried up..

Read and follow the rules of the place before entering the cave
Because there's a waterfalls inside, expect a very damp and wet cave unlike most
Prepare yourself for some crouching, maneuvering, spelunking but you won't need to crawl in navigating Igotan
The Igutan Cave is a fairly small with narrow passageways. There are even some areas of the cave that are narrow; you have to crawl and twist, bend your body to be able to pass through. Probably the most beginner, cool and natural-cave you can visit here in Cebu!

Tales about Igotan Cave and Waterfalls:
Locals have various superstition, stories or legends about this cave. Some say that during the Japanese presence in Cebu, many of these invaders used the cave as their hiding place during the Second World War.

The stories of WW2 may be plausible since the Dead End - Atrium part where the inner Igotan Waterfalls is fairly large
Some locals say that they could feel something eerie and can feel spirits of elementals (enkanto, fairies, and the like) or even the dead in the area being haunted. Well, that makes it more fun and interesting to really check out, isn’t it! I did somewhat felt a 'presence' that I could not describe there as well.

Igotan Cave - Waterfalls - I wasn't able to take a photo inside the first time but I bough some more flashlights the second time and with many attempts to take a picture of this with my Xperia
Don't let that photo fool you, it still quite forceful for one's back
Other people have mentioned (our habal2 driver) that the cave holds a therapeutic power inside it. Well yeah, I could agree but depending on the season (rainy or summer). If it's rainy, the force of the waterfalls is much stronger, hence more painful). But perhaps who knows, it is nature revealing itself and its healing powers perhaps.

My alalays the second time around - admiring the Igotan cave walls, stalactites and stalagmites
Along the narrow way
In the atrium-like place near the Igotan inner waterfalls
Fun Fact: Before there was some lights inside, it has now been taken down because it could electrocute people and was deemed unsafe by the DENR.

Serious Fact: Since I am not an expert, I am aware that caves have their own ecosystems and ideally be not developed into a tourist place (unless if it is already a dead-cave). We should also not touch every rock, shiny rocks, and other pointy formations inside a cave since once a human touches it, it may no longer grow and possibly "die" (this is due to the natural human oil found in our skins that blocks the natural water-enabled growth of formations inside the cave).

The cave isn't dead I believe since we did encounter some fresh water crabs lurking about (I think) in there as well as some insects too.
The humble Igotan (or Igutan) Cave & Waterfalls in Talisay Cebu The humble Igotan (or Igutan) Cave & Waterfalls in Talisay Cebu Reviewed by Vernon Joseph Go on Tuesday, June 23, 2015 Rating: 5

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