Game of Thrones (Winds of Winter) Predictions & Theories

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My Theories: basically, these may or may not be related to the current TV or Book plot; I'm just thinking out loud on this one and letting my imagination run wild!

The Horn of Winter - is in the possession of the Night's King. I mean they pretty much had a lot of time in their hands in terms of searching for it. And how would they pass through that magical wall then? Maybe it won't collapse the wall entirely but will diminish it somehow, enough for the wights to climb it (World War Z style maybe).

Other Wildlings
They are a pretty scattered bunch, who's to say that there are still some north of the wall, near Bran and Co. (other tribes and Giants!).

Other Children of the Forest + 1 more lazy ass GreenSeer
They are the natives of Westeros, have lived there for the longest time. The first men have adopted some of their customs, therefore, it is not far of to have a vice-versa effect as well. There could be wandering GreenSeers we may not know of in Essos, I'm sure there's a group in Ibben or even in Skagos Island (Where Osha, Shaggydog and Rickon are). We need there damn fireball attacks against those crazy sword weilding while running wights!

A Hidden Mixed-blood-Stark 1 (Benjen's Child)
I believe not all Starks are 'Victims'; I mean come'on they built a magical wall together with the Children of the Forest. The Kings of the North (let's include that Stark Night King shall we). The King who Knelt, though surrendered to the Targaryens but not out of cowardice, but for Peace and to save the lives of his people. I'm thinking Benjen Stark had a son who's lurking in the Shadows. Heck, not much is known about Benjen except that he is a Stark, and a First Ranger - sounds too simple and fishy.

This one grew up at the wall, acted as a spy among the wildlings, an avid reader and 'mad scientist' of sorts who meddles with magic and science, casted a lord-of-light-related spell on Benjen (which didn't work immediately), sent to be trained as a Maester, failed and wandering about in Braavos as a Half-faceless Man. So he wargs, can wear faces, with multiple personas and probably has Valyrian steel as well; this one will unite all the remaining Starks in the War that is to come?

A Hidden Mixed-blood-Stark 2 (Jon Snow had a twin perhaps?)
Jon Snow is dead, but what about a possibility of a twin that is far more capable at being a warrior, warging (who saw Jon's death from a far), knowledge and sh*t? Heck, let's copy paste #1 above here as well. Hahahah

Half-Faceless Man
Arya is going to fail her final test in the house of Black and White amongst the Faceless Men. Yes we want her to be more bad-ass but we can't have her become a true 'no-one' that just defeats her whole purpose and revenge plans. But she won't be the first to fail, there are many who failed and probably died, but luckily for her there is this Half-Faceless Man who saves her before she is offered as a failure to the Many-Faced God. I'd like Syrio Forel to be back, at least this Man wears his face: "What do we say to Death? Not today."

Benjen Stark - returns as Coldhands. Short story, he got caught by the Wildlings, who got run over by the White Walkers, where the Night King tried to turn him into a wight, which succeeds somewhat but that lord-of-light spell that was casted prior activated which makes him some weird zombie hybrid (not quite alive, but not quite dead either).

King's Landing and the Faith
The crown loses power or basically becomes in modern terms: a "lame duck" while the High Sparrow technically rules King's Landing without sitting at the Iron Throne. An in a weird twist of events, I'd like to see the White Walkers "approach" the city and the High Sparrow's jaw drop. #ShitJustGotRealz

Ramsay Bolton Dies like a b*tch
In the hands of a white walker none-the less, or wait he doesn't deserve that, how about female wights and he'll scream as he is being bitten alive. Or wait, one of the dead whom he had skinned does it.

Starks Reunited
In the Battlefield? Of all places! We'll get a Warrior Sansa, screaming like Brienne and the remaining Starks mounted in Direwolves! yaaaaaaaaay!

Dorne, the last battle ground
An epic clash of Fire and Ice. Is it possible? Heck yeah! I mean the White Walkers are bringing climate change with them (a land and sea battle)!

Lady Whitewalker
She will finally show herself in all her beauty and glory, unlike the converted ones that look weird and old.

Hodor's monologue
Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor!!!

What hodor said, that's all for now!
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