Yamba.Rocks Beta Testing

Another social media platform has been created called YAMBA - which is a new way to fast share your photos and connect the to world. Are you ready for the next big thing?

Yamba Beta Test
As Yamba’s beta tester, I was free to roam around and navigate the site as well as make a post, comment, sharing.

Yamba is a web based (currently) application that functions like Pinterest + Instagram (that's a simple example as to what Yamba is really about). As a beta application, Yamba is still coping with bugs and other flaws of their system. Nonetheless, using it was still convenient and I like how they combined the ideas from existing applications today and also because it was something different and new!

Though not perfect (that's why it's in beta) It is worth exploring as an alternative or if you are looking for something else, Yamba really does rock in it's own way!

Or better yet, try it for your self and register!!

Yamba.Rocks Beta Testing Yamba.Rocks Beta Testing Reviewed by Vernon Joseph Go on Wednesday, August 26, 2015 Rating: 5

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