Tagbao's Secret: Mangasang Falls

I was researching for some non-mainstream sites, hidden spots and Cebu and I found this little known secret place just in Cebu City! One of Tagbao's secret spot is the Mangasang Falls aside from the local's preferred spot, the Liki Falls. It is not really well known since Tagbao sits at one of the borders or the farthest part of Cebu City.

The Barangay Hall's Pokemon Gym!! :D
'Mangsang Falls', or also other wise known as Mangasang-a falls was only about 1Km but was a bit tricky in places and you were going to get your feet or your fall into chest deep ponds as well. Guests are required to write their name in the official barangay log book. Luckily, we found a very bored and willing local to guide us, we really appreciated his stories and of course for keeping us safe as well.

River Trail
The most tricky puddle-pond-pool-ish. This is where I fell in slow-mo since I was confident in navigating it and also where my bag took a dip. It was full of moss/algae like things and difficult to judge the depth of the water.
A view of the Mountain Trail
The guide said that we had two options: the river trail and the mountain trail. We took the mountain trail heading there and the river trail going back to the barangay hall. The mountain trail is pretty much what one would expect, lots of uphills, some downhills which pretty much takes your breathe away; of course some stunning farmlands and other mountain views. The river trail was very tricky with lots of slippery boulders, rocks, pebbles and all.

Level 2 of Mangasang Falls (unofficial)
There are multiple small drops or waterfalls along the way but there was one that stood out, which I'd like to call a level 2 of the Mangasang Falls. This is a very good shower type falls for the non-swimmers while the main falls is very deep, which our guide mentioned, and my cousins found out.

In between the level 2 shower and the main falls was this really big rock/boulder.
Just to give you a perspective view of the falls with people in it. The pool is that big.
Our guide mentioned that it was once used as a training area for special forces and even the Philippine Army. Indeed, the main falls isn't mainstream or preferred by the locals because it is difficult to get to, and quite deep. It is best to have a guide to go there for safety purposes, even if one can swim. Fresh water is more heavy, meaning it is more dangerous than salt water because, well it takes a lot more effort to float which is a bit more easier in salt water.

Groufie view in the shower level 2
Another view from Mangasang Falls
This place is quite isolated and best kept that way, to not only respect the locals but also maintain it's pristine raw beauty. In short, Leave nothing but memories!

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