Different Ways to experience (OPeak) Osmeña Peak or Mantalongon Highlands in Dalaguete, Cebu

We travel not to escape life, but for life to escape us.- Anonymous

There are already a lot of posts related to this place online from both local and non-local bloggers and even print-media but I want to have a different take on it. Before it was named (Osmeña Peak) after a political clan, these jagged multiple hills and peaks were simply called the "Mantalongon Range" or for some "Mantalongon Highlands." I personally don't like politics to be related to a particular location but well that's Cebu's history for you! I'd personally settle for calling it just "OPeak" - so millennial.

Here are some fast facts since detailed data about this place can already be found online and in wikis:
  • The highest peak in the province of Cebu Island. And Mantalongon is one of the highest towns (literally) in Cebu as well.
  • Visually similar to the chocolate hills of bohol but kind of looks like kisses chocolate instead.
  • Mantalongon is known as the Summer Capital locally due to it's cold temperature as well as the "Vegetable Basket of Cebu" being one of the towns of Cebu supplying vegetables for the city.
  • The peak is sought after by tourists, travelers and curious fellows due to it's unique view

I was finally able to visit the place after seeing posts and pictures of it from travel bloggers I know in February. It was sunny but the temperature and winds (gusts enough to even make me off balance) were crazy!

Now, below are lists I compiled for you to note down - Different Ways to experience Opeak!

The Journey:
  • Going Solo - If you are practicing your solo-travelling or backpacking skills or maybe in a state of "where do broken hearts go?"-mood then this trek is a fairly an easy one however, you may have to share or pay extra money in riding that motorcycle-taxi (Habal-habal).
  • "Relationship Goals" - Pweh, duh!
  • Squ@d G0als y'all - Barkada trips, workmate trips and the like!

6 Ways to get to Dalaguete or Mantalongon:
  1. From Cebu City: Taxi if you can afford it; and if the taxi is willing
  2. Carpool or private vehicle from the city as well, Bring a map in case none of you know where to go!
  3. Commute from South Bus Terminal - (Travel time 2.5-3hours) Ride a bus going either to Oslob or Bato; inform the driver/conductor of your stop and you will be dropped off at the corner road going to the town
  4. Commute from Carbon Market, near the Caltex Gasoline Station - (This one directly takes you to Mantalongon Town proper) but can be tight because it's a mini-bus!
  5. From Western Cebu - Reverse-Traverse from Badian in Kawasan Falls (4-6 hours on foot and about an hour if via habal2)
  6. Another path from the NorthWest (I think) side portion of Mantalongon - if you are coming from let's say Dumanjug
It's the climb
With our young guide
Me from a distance
Day Trip or Overnight stay:
  • Day Trip can be fun but you have to wake up really early if you are coming from Cebu City.
  • Overnight Camping - you can camp at the summit of the peak
  • Overnight stay in Mantalongon barangay hall (or if you know someone) - you get to experience something different, talk to locals, explore the food in the market, take a photo-walk perhaps and the like!
Farm and local houses
Sky and Forests
Towards the Peak:
  • There's the touristy way - most motorcycle taxis recommend that you (or your squad) drop by the town market to do the following: pee/poop, buy water/food/supplies, (you can also get a local guide from here too, aside from those already in the Summit) stretch your legs before proceeding. From the checkpoint (where you log your name to the guest book of sorts), it takes a bout 30 minutes to climb. It is a fairly easy hike even for beginners.
  • And the unnecessary traveler's way - If you have an itchy feet and want to "explore", then you can start hiking from the town itself! I'm not kidding. If you want a different experience then you must be willing to take the road less traveled. This option may give you access to the flower/vegetable farms, unique trees (I remember spotting unusual looking trees as well), animals, locals along the way but a much slower pace. Good for photo-walk/hikers. Depending on your pace, this should take you about 2 hours to get to the peak.
Find the house (view from the summit)

Ground Zero Activities:
  • If you are camping, you can expect sunset/rise view and foggy-views
  • If just a day-trek you can get a fairly nice sunny or cloudy view or a mixture of both
  • If you have the area for yourselves (meaning no other tourist/traveler on sight), you can do some tai-chi or even some yoga
  • Group portraits - groufie, jumpshot, family picture-ish, and so on..
  • Self-portraits - champion poses, headstands, selfie, look-away, drama, muni2, OOTD, pina-blogger, bring a prop (an umbrella, or something) and the like
  • Couple shots (eww) - relationship goals they say; others go as far as pre-nuptial photoshoot already
  • Just chill and take it all in and maybe talk about life
  • If it is not-too-windy, eat!
  • Scream or sing from the top of your lungs!
Damage to the pocket: I'd say 1,000 pesos is a safe budget (with contingency) but if you are in a group, 500 is enough I suppose. If you took the taxi option, good luck with your budget!

Photo by SelahThrow
Always research/plan your trips, be safe and leave no trace please! :3

Will definitely come back and find more ways to enjoy not just the peak but also Dalaguete itself!
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