Ever tried the Fiesta Loan?

I believe there are no such products offered with the purpose of a Fiesta Loan. But a big part of Filipino tradition and heritage are our fiestas. 7,100+ islands and you could say we have A LOT OF FIESTAS around the country. A fiesta loan is a term for people who borrow money just so they can join in or be part of the fiesta by throwing a party too.

In a fiesta, most of the (loaned) funds you would spend will go to the preparation of food and drinks and sometimes the decorations. Believe it or not, in rural towns or barrios, people can be expected to prepare food for their guests. Even complete strangers can enter their homes to celebrate and eat.

I used to hear such stories of strangers getting inside homes just to eat and dismissed it as some sort of old story or urban legend but when I joined a fiesta in lawaan, Cebu -- I witnessed it for myself!

The drawback to this cultural celebration and practice is that sometimes, even if the host or organizer has no money, the fiesta must go on! So if they don't have funds, where do you think to they get it from? Loan it?

It really doesn't make sense when people are willing to borrow and/or loan some money a.k.a "a fiesta loan" just to be part of the tradition, but it really does happen! To be in debt is nothing to be happy or celebrate about. In these cases, the host usually borrows it from friends, relatives, and neighbors. And to think they are very willing to loan their money!

All I can say is, think before you spend! And if you are the one lending money, it is better to ask the purpose of the person borrowing money from you. Make sure its for a valid reason (as to not to encourage dependency) and take due diligence if they are capable of Paying.

For when I lend money to my friends or family, I make sure that it is to be able to help them.

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