Stumbling into Kabutongan Falls in Malabuyoc Cebu

Kabutongan Falls is one of Southern Cebu’s most hidden waterfall systems. If you’re looking for an adventure, I highly recommend Kabutongan Falls. Unlike its more popular counterparts, Kabutongan is a bit difficult to find and even more difficult to conquer. Malabuyoc town’s Kabutongan Falls is of course found in South Cebu and for this adventure was mostly unplanned.

It was unplanned because this was the "detour" adventure we had right after we did canyoneering in the morning and only a few of my canyoneering-mates decided to proceed which included one of our canyoneering guide, kuya Vahn. I'd say they made the right choice HAHAHAHAHA! This adventure taught me a lot of things, about physical limits and how fatigue can affect your sense of adventure.

We were clearly bit more than we can chew in this adventure
The water was medyo "lubug" by the time we got there in the afternoon
Either this is level two or three I can't remember, one should be more confident in taking photos with the proper footwear and life vest --- not to self
I kind of remember this area to look awesome but I guess fatigue was already kicking-in since I feel my shots failed to capture the beauty of Kabutongan Falls :(
To describe our Kabutongan Falls adventure, imagine that you went canyoneering but without a life vest! That's how difficult it was for me and most especially for those who are not that confident in their swimming skills (or whatever is left of that for my case) and add to that some fatigue as well.

Indeed the Kabutongan Waterfalls is unlike no other, the view at the end made all the difficulty worth it until you realize you needed to go through the same path to get out of the place. LOL

Oh I forgot to mention, the place is maintained by this resort so there are guides as well who are very affordable!

How to get to Kabutongan Falls:
The town of Malabuyoc is about 4 hours to the south of Cebu coming from South Bus Terminal, Drop off at the town proper, ask around then figure the rest out until you find the Kabutongan Mountain Resort! To avoid getting the place crowded, or further mainstreamed, I highly encourage you to be a responsible travler, get lost, find yourself, find your destination and LEAVE NO TRACE, nothing but memories and pictures!

As of this writing many other natural locations such as Mt. Pulag, Kalanggaman Island are becoming tourist traps and what's worse it's natural beauty is being eroded by stupid, insensitive and noob travelers and tour operators.

There were few people when we arrived who were heading back to the entrance, we were the last adventurers of the day
We climbed through this damn slippery ledge or whaever, we were to tired to even think about swimming (Life Jacket is a must here!!)
The only group shot without me!! So Sad. I climbed since I was no longer confident in swimming in the vicinity of Level 4 but also I wanted to have a stable footing in capturing the Kabutongan Falls
Once again, Level 4, Kabutongan Falls - as per the guide, the current is really strong near the cascade
look at that pathetic touristy-blaggir pose - too tired to even think of a pose I suppose
Heading back, nagpapicture pajud #SelahThrow. Note to self: Dapat naa koi kuyug nga maayo or at least above average nga mo picture nako >_<

Will I return to Kabutongan Falls? YES.. with reservations (and probably with proper shoes/footwear) and a life vest! Kabutongan Waterfalls is cheap, not mainstream and is definitely underrated. I learned a lot from this trip which was surprising to me for it was all unexpected! You should not rush waterfall chasing as we were there only for a day trek and squeezed this detour in and add to that trying to catch that last bus going back to the city!
Stumbling into Kabutongan Falls in Malabuyoc Cebu Stumbling into Kabutongan Falls in Malabuyoc Cebu Reviewed by Vernon Joseph Go on Saturday, March 26, 2016 Rating: 5

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