Literally breathless at Mt. Lanaya and Kalo-Kalo Peak in Alegria Cebu

Mt. Lanaya and Kalo-kalo peak of Alegria stands 720+ meters above sea level (MASL) is dubbed as the "toughest" mountain to climb in Cebu even though it's 'rating' is debatable. Although the trek towards the camp site was fair due to the many scenic distractions, getting to the peak is another story.

When we arrived, we visited the barangay hall of Barangay Legaspi to register ourselves and arrange for a guide to take as to our destination. Note that the barangay hall is right beside the national road which is also a few steps away towards the sea. We literally hiked from sea to summit!!

Barangay Hall beside the national road
Sea to summit
Jump off point which is just a few steps from the barangay hall
and so it begins
Aside from that, we arrived about 11+am in the morning and while in the barangay hall waiting for the guide, we decided to take our lunch as a form of carbo loading before we began the trek. I was a bit bloated and heavy after lunch and add to that the scorching heat of the sun at 1pm in the afternoon! Plus we were carrying our big bags with gadgets and tents, what were we thinking?

Although there are trees, there's a considerable distance to the next one along the trail
plenty of views to take in
We did research first before climbing this Mountain in Alegria and we were already mentally preparing ourselves for the challenges ahead. We planned our ascent to the peak to be the next day without our bags since most if not all blogs related to this mountain was that it was one of the ruthless and merciless trails in Cebu with a constant 50-60 degrees non-stop ascent from the foot up to the summit and we did not even bring any ropes that one blog suggested for the climb.

What made me realize that added to the brutality of the trail towards the campsite was that not only was it rolling-hills-type of trail but also a ridiculously open and for the most part almost "treeless," meaning you are directly exposed to the scorching heat of the sun. We soon discovered that the volume of water we bought was insufficient, luckily our guide helped us out by finding us some water to refill our water bottles once we arrived at the camp site.

might as well take some self portraits along the way; Photo from Noe
and another one - also from Noe's cam
This is one of views I saw early morning the next day. I'm so proud of this shot. HAHAHAHA
The trek will leave you gasping for air, while the sun bombards you with it's heat, evaporating your sweat plus your legs will be screaming at you most of the time. But when you arrive at the peak, you will also be breathless while at the same time receiving a moment that will take your breath away.

Camp 2 I was told
Sunset from Noe's camp
Thanks to weekends in the outdoors!
The summit allows you to see the coastline of Alegria, Tanon Strait as well as the neighboring province of Negros Oriental. Kalo-kalo Peak is Mt. Lanaya’s highest point. It gives you the full access to take a glimpse of Mantalongon highlands from the north, Mt. Kanlaon from the northwest in Negros Island, and Mt. Talinis located at the South of Negros.

We did a lot of silhouette shots too
Cool winds with a beautiful scenery
One of the things I like about the camp site was at night, you can just chill and relax while star gazing. This was the first time I saw so many stars at night, it made me remember my science class during elementary when we went to the planetarium, only this was better!

Its a bit difficult to describe this trail just with this picture. Basically to tired to take photos along the way towards the peak
This is kalo-kalo peak from the summit area
Getting there and corresponding fees
Travel time from South Bus Terminal to Alegria is about four hours (Bus fare: 140 pesos / person). You can either get off the bus in Alegria's town proper but will have to ride a habal-habal or make sure to discuss with the conductor to drop you off at Legaspi barangay hall.

The town of Alegria requires one guide for every five trekkers. There were seven of us so we had to take to. It's non-negotiable since there was already an incident last June 2016 wherein some "cool-kids" trekkers went towards the peak without a guide only to end up calling help from 911 as they were lost and without water (Guide fee: 500/guide + Environmental fee: 50 pesos / person).

And now a word from our sponsors: This is Ting's Go Pro with Noe's Pole, choreographed by Carine, our leader Donna for leading, soundtrack provided by Roa; Brow Barbette with the infectious laughter and Gino's FMD words of wisdom while I just hold the damn cam' also let us not forget our very energetic guides from Barangay Legaspi

Tips and Tricks
  • Water is not readily available anywhere near the summit; make sure to bring your own drinking water, 2-3 liters.
  • Weather is unpredictable so make sure you have a drybag to secure your gadgets, rain cover and something to cover yourself as well.
  • Respect the locals and nature, observe LNT principles (Leave No Trace).
I highly recommend this climb for adventurers but I also highly recommend for you to prepare yourself mentally as well as all the stuff that you need to bring as well.

Literally breathless at Mt. Lanaya and Kalo-Kalo Peak in Alegria Cebu Literally breathless at Mt. Lanaya and Kalo-Kalo Peak in Alegria Cebu Reviewed by Vernon Joseph Go on Thursday, April 06, 2017 Rating: 5

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