The new OFW: Online Filipino Workers (2)

The new OFW: Online Filipino Workers

In my circle of friends or even my network, there are people who have at least two careers: an engineer who would like to write a novel, a lawyer who is studying anthropology, a BPO worker who moonlights as a photographer, and even an administrative worker by day, DJ by night and some who have become online Filipino workers.

In my case, I gave myself the title of “Corporate Mad-hatter” as someone who wears many different hats. These hats are: Registered Financial Planner, Licensed Real Estate Broker, Blogger, Writer, PMO professional and frustrated entrepreneur. This leads to questions or comments such as: “You’ve accomplished so much, slow down!” Or “How do you find time to do it all?” and “Do you even sleep?”

My simple answer is “I find time.” Of course it is not easy, but it gives me satisfaction that I am able to do the things that I want and at the same time I also set personal goals to really achieve it slowly but surely.

The days of staying in one job until you retire are slowly disappearing, millennials are not plagued by the same challenges our parents had: having to stick to one career path and commit to a lifetime at one job. But we do have it more difficult in some ways, with a tough job market and global competition.

This growing group of professionals works as contractors, freelancers and part-timers; all looking to work when and where they wish for sometimes a handful of different employers throughout the course of a given year. Instead of one, full-time salaried position, this can be a combination of a full-time position with one or more part-time/freelance gigs or working multiple part-time positions that, in total, would amount to a full-time job.

There are many terms to describe this phenomenon. Portfolio career, digital freelancers, agile or liquid workforce, or simply name if collectively as the “Gig Economy.”

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Advantages of Multiple Work

* Open more doors – you gain friends in different circles or network. I work in the IT-BPM industry, while having access to the Financial services, Real Estate sector as well as the Media and business circles.

* Pursue diverse interests – doing many things can be stressful, but it can also be exceptionally gratifying, the key is finding the right balance. While you pursue your passion projects, the experiences you gain can also still be useful to your main job (different systems, innovations).

* Subsidize your dream work – doing what helps you bring in a paycheck while also pursuing your interests will enable to you feel like you’re pursuing the career of your dreams. I have a cousin who graduated as a nurse then worked in the BPO industry while paying for her IT Degree and now she’s working as a programmer!

* Work anywhere in the world – in this digital age, the workforce is increasingly mobile and work can be done from anywhere, this gives one the flexibility, independence for a better work-life integration or perhaps even travel the world.

The number of professionals who work in an agile fashion is growing and will constitute a large portion of the workforce someday which will largely include the New OFW: Online Filipino Workers!

“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.” – Oprah Winfrey

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