Mission #LiveBrighter

It has been a while since I attended an event as a blogger/content-creator/influencer. As you may know by now, I consider myself a "Corporate Madhatter" for I wear many different hats. Although I am already a Financial Planner and also Financial Advisor under sunlife, I still joined this event to keep myself up-to-date and perhaps even re-learn about some personal finance topics.

Whenever the topic of financial literacy and/or education is brought up, most Filipinos brush it off thinking that it is only for business-people or for the “rich”. The truth is, we all need it for this is something that creeps up to us every pay-day and only then are we forced to budget our income for debt payments, for school tuition, house mortgage, car, bills..etc.. we may ignore it but it definitely won't ignore us!

People think that acquiring huge sums of money will solve their problems. It may be true for some, but without the knowledge to handle it correctly, others might find themselves in a more problematic situation.

This was the gist of what was shared and explained during the event while also having some testimonials from Sunlife Financial - Financial Advisors.

5 Steps to #LiveBrighter as Sun Life Advisor
  1. Join a #LiveBrighter Forum
  2. Attend the interviews/take the POP(Personality Orientation Profile) Screen Test
  3. Take the Licensing Exam at the Insurance Commission
  4. Finish the Sun Life Training Course
  5. Complete the contracting and coding process
For more details follow Sun Life Financial-Philippines at Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or check out their webpage.

With the Blog-squad!
As a Financial Planner though, I do encourage financial planning for it teaches individuals to be responsible when it comes to their finances, and instills the discipline needed in order to keep track of their financial goals.

If done right, financial planning can ensure financial security now and in the future, even if the unexpected happens!

“Money without financial knowledge is money soon gone.”

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